320X: Kid Has Dragon Breath

Hi, I was trying to find a book my mom used to read to me that I wanted to read to him. The book was a children’s book that the story follows a phone conversation between a mom and son and she calls him “Dragon Breath”. I thought I had found it when I found “I love you stinky face” but the story didn’t have the mother not home and calling the son (never mind calling the kid dragon breath). My mom remembers the book too because she found a picture of a dragon for my son that looked like one of the pages. I really hope you can help my find this book. Thank you

One thought on “320X: Kid Has Dragon Breath

  1. Could this be “I Wanna Iguana” by Karen Kaufman Orloff? Mother and son write letters back and forth about why he should — or shouldn’t — get a pet iguana.

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