323U: Bear On Vacation Takes Unskillful Pictures

Seeking information on a children’s book about a bear (?)/character going sightseeing in London, but takes pictures crooked, with thumb in them, etc. but doesn’t see until developed. But also got a pack of postcards that has the actual pictures, so he has those as memories. Possibly could have a Double-Decker bus on the cover.

3 thoughts on “323U: Bear On Vacation Takes Unskillful Pictures

  1. Here’s the description I found:

    Paddington’s London. (A Paddington Bear Activity Book) on wheels. A very cute rolling London Bus shape book with sturdy black plastic wheels, in which Paddington and Mr. Gruber see the sights of London. The last page has the postcards which Mr. Gruber wisely purchases contrasted with Paddington’s disastrous pictures.

  2. I immediately had a memory of Paddington as well, though I didn’t remember the title. I don’t remember the bus format either, but I suspect that it may have been released in more than one format over the years – I’ve noticed this happening quite a bit with UK picture books!

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