324D: A Young Boy At A Sheep Ranch (Solved!)

Seeking a copy of a book that my father gave me circa 1963 when I was almost 7—the only and last present he gave me before disappearing from my life forever. Narrative follows a young boy sent to a sheep ranch, perhaps as an orphan(?) I believe, but little else comes to mind except a blue cloth binding and white or silver spine lettering.  It was a YA book, over 100 pages, with some illustrations, which of course I could only read a few years later.

Inside he wrote: “Keep your right up” as he had tried to teach me to box, but I don’t think boxing is part of the story line.

(I had this copy until my sister sold it at a yard sale when I went away to school at 14!)

4 thoughts on “324D: A Young Boy At A Sheep Ranch (Solved!)

  1. Could it possibly be Ester Weir’s The Loner? An orphan navigates the agricultural West (during the Depression, probably). There is a sheep ranch.

  2. I think that might be The Loner, by Ester Wier. The boy is a drifter who doesn’t really know where he comes from, and he winds up on a sheep ranch. (We read it in elementary school circa 1979 or 80.)

  3. Thanks, year of pub and narrative line up with what I recollected perfectly. A boy without a name. Wow. thanks so much, Lisa.

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