326D: Air Force Pilot Takes On Dragon In Storm Cloud

Short fantasy/sci-fi story in an anthology aimed at young readers in the late 70s/early 80s - I seem to remember reading it in late elementary school, though it could have been middle school. Story was about an Air Force pilot who lost a friend to a dragon in a storm cloud, but no one believed him, so he stole a plane and went back up to kill the dragon. He was catatonic and white-haired when the plane landed, and everyone thought he was just crazy, until they watched his gun-camera footage of his attack runs on the dragon.

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  1. Comment by requester: I read this in a collection of short stories aimed at younger readers, and I believe it was one of my Language-Arts “classroom library” books – if not, then it must have been a school-library book, but I definitely borrowed it from the school. One big problem is, I can’t remember the other stories in that book – just that they were all sci-fi/fantasy stories, and I *THINK* there was one of Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles stories in there. Conventional paperback sized, and not terribly thick – max of 150-200 pages all told. Story had a few B&W illustrations – I remember one in particular of the pilot flying towards the dragon in the cloud.

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