326F: Artistic Computers as Counterpoint to Throw-Away Technology

My stumper is just a fragment of a memory. I don’t remember the plot of the book at all, but it was near-future science fiction or maybe cyberpunk. The main character comes across someone with a beautiful laptop where the interior components can be refurbished and replaced, but the outside of the computer is a work of art that they would never part with. They talk about how there is a group of artists or maybe an artist commune that manufactures these computers with wood cases, and with beautiful keys made out of mother of pearl or semi-precious stones, basically to serve as a counterpoint to the throw-away culture of new technology. It was such a cool idea; I wish some artists were actually making computers like this.
If anyone recognizes this description and remembers what book it was in, that would be great!

One thought on “326F: Artistic Computers as Counterpoint to Throw-Away Technology

  1. This sounds like Idoru by William Gibson — it’s the second book in his Bridge Trilogy. One of the main characters has a computer whose case is designed by the Sandbenders collective, which I think might be what you’re describing.

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