328K: English Puritan Girl With Golden Hair In The Sun

I am trying to find a children’s book that I read and enjoyed (obviously) many years ago. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the title, author, or even the main characters’ names! What I do remember: it was historical, set in Holland in the early 1600s, when English Puritans were living there. The main character was an English girl, probably around 16. She became friends with a local girl about the same age, and that girl’s older brother. And her hair was a darkish blonde, but was more golden in the sun, only she couldn’t carry the sun around with her! Any ideas? It would have been published at least 40 years ago, probably more.

One thought on “328K: English Puritan Girl With Golden Hair In The Sun

  1. Possibly Pilgrim Kate, 1949, and its sequel Debbie of the Green Gate, 1950, by Helen F. Daringer? (There’s also The Bells of Leyden Sing, 1944, by Catherine Cate Coblentz, though that has a boy main character.)

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