328M: Adventures Of Royal Fairy Family (Solved!)

I am trying to remember a book I read back in about the late 90s. Here is everything about the book I can recall.
The book was printed in green ink, to include the illustrations.
The story was about a fairy (I think) that was able to ride on clouds. I think the name was Mica or Micah. He went to a kingdom of humans and met a princess. The princess’ kingdom had lost a war with the other kingdom and was being taken to be married to the ugly princess of the other kingdom.
The fairy arranges the escape of the princess and takes her to his world. While there, they arrange to get married.  They have two children, a son and a daughter.
The book continues with the lives of the children. The son ends up saving a princess from a curse and marries her. The daughter makes friends with a knight and a dragon. An angry mob goes after the dragon. The knight helps defend the dragon. The knight and the daughter marry.
It was a bit of a strange book.
The writing level from what I remember was the same as the Harry Potter books.
I wish you luck.

5 thoughts on “328M: Adventures Of Royal Fairy Family (Solved!)

  1. It’s been many years since I read it, but Shadow Castle by Marian Cockrell has a Prince Mika of a fairy royal family who marries a mortal, and the story moves on from them to follow their children. Great book.

    • Thank you. That was it!
      Some friends of mine were trying to come up with books that would be good for movie or series. That was my suggestion. I hadn’t read or thought about it for years until then.

  2. That is it. Shadow Castle. My friends I were discussing books to adapt to movie or series. This book was my suggestion. I hadn’t read or thought about it in years. No one recognized it.

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