329E: Myfanwy – A Romance

“Myfanwy” is a short story that was included in an anthology of teen romances.  The preface of the book had the lyrics to either “Why Must I be a Teenager in Love” or “Do You Wanna Dance?” The story involves a teenage boy who attends a boy’s school and a beautiful girl named Myfanwy would be seen at church, but would never speak to anyone, and one day, the boy is sitting under a tree reading and Myfanwy approaches him and they talk.

2 thoughts on “329E: Myfanwy – A Romance

  1. In the short story “Lovely Myfanwy” by Walter de la Mare, a girl named Myfanwy who has been kept at home by her father and not allowed to speak to anyone discovers a young man sitting under a tree.

  2. The story to which I am referring is a modern story. It centers around the two main characters, Myfanwy and the young man from the school.

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