332K: New System – Girl Comes of Age Prior to World War II

The book I am trying to find is called: “NEW SYSTEM”.  The main character’s name is PAGE (not sure of spelling)

It was published in the 1930’s or early 40’s – it’s WWII, or before America enters the war- but nothing is mentioned of the war at all so it might be before it starts in Europe. 

It’s a girl’s coming of age story, pre-WWII. She gets a newfangled “perm”.  She is an artist. Her brother gets engaged, and she helps her family put on a bridal shower. 

She has a sharkskin bathing suit. She just graduated from high school and is deciding on college. She is trying to get organized and has a journal, and is writing about her “New System” of organizing her life. 

No idea who the author is. Picture on the book jacket is a girl’s face with 1930’s -40’s hair style. 

I had this book when I was about 12- loved it. 

One thought on “332K: New System – Girl Comes of Age Prior to World War II

  1. It sounds like this might be The Fair Adventure by Elizabeth Janet Gray, but it’s been so long since I read it that I don’t remember all the details. I do remember that she wanted to go to college and has to take a test or write an essay. The cover is definitely as you described.

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