332P: Months of the Year with a Blond Curly-Haired Girl (Solved!)

I am hoping the little info I can give you will be enough to identify a book that I would love to secure for my daughter- one of her favorites. I think the book must have dealt with months of the year instead of days of the week. The illustrations were in pastels and the little girl throughout the book had blond curly hair. My daughter would have been 5-7 years old when she was reading the book. She was born in 1968 if that helps. I have Googled every way I can think of – so far no luck. This is a long shot – I really have no expectations – if nothing else, I am so happy to have found the Loganberry Books website.

One thought on “332P: Months of the Year with a Blond Curly-Haired Girl (Solved!)

  1. E-mail from this Stumper’s author:

    “I looked on the page for my stumper and and saw other person’s quest which mentioned Charlotte Zolotow. That triggered my memory – the book is Over and Over with Illustrations by Garth Williams. Not exactly blond hair but this is the book. This was fun! Thank you.”

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