332R: I Spy A Raggedy Family In Questionable Locations

I'm trying to find what I recall to be an unsettling/odd 'find it' book (similar to I Spy, I guess), in which a ragged looking family comprising of a Mum, Dad, daughter, and son (who I think looked around 10) were trying to get somewhere or find something. Every page put the family in a different location, and the reader had to find certain items for the family to progress. There might have been text that strung it together like a story too (i.e., not like a straightforward I Spy book), but I can't really remember. Each page had a different illustration of different places, and the family were always in the picture looking around. I vaguely remember some of the places they went to: 1. They were on a balcony looking down at a circus (you could see the crowds below them, it was outside, and there were hot air balloons in the sky, I think). 2. They were in a decayed looking room (I think the room was dark or dimly lit; there may have been a blue, cold colour scheme) with an old man/skeleton(the figure may possibly have been a giant?) sitting in a chair at a desk, with dusty old spider webs around him and attaching to the desk he was sitting at - he was either dead or frozen, as the children were inquisitively looking at him/touching him. There were spider webs all around the room too. 3. They might have also been in a sewer or somewhere with water at some point, but I could be making this one up. I remember the illustrations being somewhat striking in that they were pretty realistic (i.e., not cartoony), detailed, and unsettling/strange because the family always looked ragged and worn out on every page. The environments they were in seemed mostly uncomfortable, like you wouldn't want to be there. That's all I can really remember about the book. I think I read the book around 2003-2006 in my school library (I live in Australia, if that helps). I've searched the online database for the state library, but as I don't know the title I didn't have any keywords so I was flooded with various picture books that proved too difficult to trawl through. I hope you can help me find this book; it's been stuck in my head ever since I was little and it would mean so much to me if I could FINALLY read it again. Thank you in advance. 🙂

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