337R: Children’s European Story Collection

Hello! I am looking for a storybook collection that I had in the 1980’s.

This book had a number of stories in it that seemed European based. I believe the first story was of a little boy whose mother made him green dungarees with a plane on them that he loved. He accidentally tore them on a fence and was very sad until his mother patched it with a star instead of a plane.
Another story was from Denmark about a boy whose father was a fisherman. The pictures in this one were monochromatic (rust colored.) The picture was of the boy standing close to the sea and possible the famous mermaid statue.
Another story was of a mother hedgehog. I believe it had a picture of a hedgehog in an egg cup.
I believe the back cover of the book was blue.
This book was read to me every night and it was my favorite. I would be so happy to finally find it again!

One thought on “337R: Children’s European Story Collection

  1. Oh goodness! I remember this one and can imagine the pictures. The little Danish boy’s name was Jurgen, I think. I may have to go away and think about what it could have been called.

    I also remember a story about a boy who didn’t like his new bedroom being blue instead of green, until his parents stuck or painted stars on the ceiling, and a girl called Dana who wanted a new T-shirt and found one at a jumble sale. I’m pretty sure those were from the same book.

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