347B: Rough Tough Gruff Pirates

I am looking for a children’s book that my children adored but I can not remember the title or author.

It was a pirate story from the late 80’s or early 90’s  My son was born in 1988 and we had a family mantra from this book: “We’re rough, we’re tough, we’re gruff gruff gruff” or perhaps “We’re gruff, we’re rough we’re tough tough tough.”

Good luck, you are me last hope.

One thought on “347B: Rough Tough Gruff Pirates

  1. From a Goodreads review:
    “We are rough!
    We are tough!
    We are gruff, gruff, gruff!”
    — Pirate chant from Phoebe Gilman’s GRANDMA AND THE PIRATES (Scholastic, 1990)

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