How to Submit a Query

Posting Book Stumpers costs $4 per Book Stumper, which can be used towards the purchase cost of the eventually solved Stumper.
There are two ways to enter your submission, depending on payment choice. Scroll down for instructions on how to submit by check or PayPal. Please note that it can take up to a week for your submission to be posted.

Before submitting your Stumper by email, please consult the Tips page to be sure that your Stumper is clear and effective. This will help us solve your Stumper, and make it easier for you track the comments on your post.  There are also many tips for using our site and others to solve your mystery on your own, for free.

Submitting Via Check

Please make checks payable to Loganberry Books. We ask that you print out a copy of the email with your Book Stumper title and description, your contact info, and send with your $4 (USD) check to:

Stump the Bookseller
Loganberry Books

13015 Larchmere Blvd.
Shaker Heights, OH 44120

Email your Book Stumper to and include the following information:

  1. A title for your Book Stumper
  2. A description of the book, with helpful details
  3. Payment option to follow: check or money order in the mail, or payment via (which allows you to use Visa/MasterCard or your PayPal account).


Submitting Via PayPal

Log onto PayPal at and enter your email address and PayPal password.
Select “Go to my Account” after their advertorial first page.
Select the “Send Money” icon.
Stump the Bookseller is considered a good or service

Please be sure to send paypal payment to If you need more space for your description than paypal allows, send an email with the same stumper title to

On the “Send Money” page you’ll see

PayPal Form You select or type in Commentary and Example
Note: (optional)
$ 4.00

Book Stumper keywords
Type your Book Stumper description here
Harriett, owner of Loganberry Books
$4 for each stumper
US dollars
i.e. Pig eats donuts and explodes
i.e. Little book about a pig who eats donuts constantly until he blows up like a balloon and floats up into the sky, and eventually explodes.

PayPal will send me notification of your payment with the Book Stumper description typed into the notes/comments box.  We will send you an email to confirm Stumper title and posting, usually within one week.

Check back often to see if any solution has been provided.

12 thoughts on “How to Submit a Query

  1. Hi, just wanted to let you know that T365 (tree, giant) has been solved. I posted this query years ago, and just checked it again. Someone suggested The Great Dimpole Oak, which is the right book!

  2. I think I have a solution for L333 the riding hood story. I couldn’t figure out how to post a reply. I believe it is Dean’s A book of Fairy Tales illustrated by Janet and Anne Grahame Johnstone. I have this book and it fits the description well. The illustration of the cover can be found on Amazon.

  3. Hi – I sent in stumper Y5 some years (10? 15?), which is as yet unsolved. I’m still on the trail.

    It’s not by Andre Norton or Susan Cooper. The book has a more historical presentation, not so much fantasy or SF. I’m pretty sure the author was male, and it was old enough in 1975 to be a much read library hardback with a missing dustjacket. It was in the library’s children’s section, and my memory of the shelf it was on puts the author surname somewhere in the O-S range.


  4. How far do the archives go back? I submitted some inquiries to Stumpthebookseller about 10 years ago and would like to review them. Thanks!

    • Our old stumper archives no longer work with our new website, so the archives on the new site are only 2 years old. We are working on getting the old to work with the new.

  5. Re E1, Everglades, I have been trying to find and recall the name of The Mystery of the Great Swamp (Marjorie Zapf) for several years now! Read it as a child in my local library and it is sadly out of print…. browsing your web site for something else and this popped up — thank you!

  6. I have a definite answer for one of your stumpers and a probable for another… after spending years looking for this book….

    R147: Reform school boys find River Styx
    R246: Reform School Boys on Underground Adventure

    The first one is definitely “No Traveller Returns” by James S. Wallerstein, and probably the second one as well…

    Found the answer here if interested in more info:

    I’m sure this is the book I’ve been searching for as well… although half of the description doesn’t sound familiar, it HAS been 20 years since I read the book.

  7. Stumper C148 is now solved. The book is “The Girl From Yesterday” by Sarah Hughart. My sister actually had the book

  8. I’m looking for a children’s picture book with I believe, four chapters. Primarily illustrations vs. text. Subject/plot: Three kittens who are siblings experience conflict and are taught wisdom by their wise mother cat.
    In one chapter, the kittens have a birthday, and each receives a ball. One kitten wants two balls and must sit on one and hold the other; she can’t play and begins to cry, then mother cat intervenes with a lesson in sharing.

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