316H: The mer-folk take over the island

I am looking for a short story that I read a few years ago about an island that belongs to the mer-folk/ sea beings. The island lies off a coastal town who connect it to the mainland via jetty/pier and build a dance hall on it. The mer-folk throw up a huge storm on a dance night and separate the island from the mainland once again. They claim back their island. There was good description of the storm and its effect on the dancers I think. I read it in a compilation of spooky stories but I have never found it since. I would love to read it again.

316G: The tarnished castle

Written before 1990.  It is a standard length children's story (circa 100 pages or more) about a group of children.  The first part of the story they have a playful time in a castle and a
moat etc...  It is described in such a lovely way.  The second part of the story (maybe they go back after they have grown
up?) they go back and it is described in a more realistic 'tarnished' way.  The moat is dirtied up and the grass has all died etc and it's not quite a castle etc etc etc....

316F: Two sisters go to the rocksy-tocksy-wocksies (Solved)

I’m looking for this children’s book about two sisters. Big sister must take little sister out to play while mom is busy in the kitchen.  Little sister sings “We’re going to the rocksy-tocksy-wocksies” as they head to the shore to play on the rocks. Little sister slips and falls but big sister rescues her. My daughter checked this book out of the elementary school library around 1989-1992, but it had been published well before that. Thank you.

316E: The 3 little ones ate all the fruit

I am looking for a children’s picture book. I probably had this book in the mid to late 1960s.  In the story there are 3ish siblings (I think animals, but possibly children) that play outside while their mother is visiting a friend. The mother’s friend has a picket fence that encloses her yard. On the fence is a grape vine or berry bush. The 3 little ones eat all of the fruit. They feel badly about their behavior and replace the fruit the next day by tying fruit that they bought to the fence.

316B: The mystery of the dead cousin

It’s a mystery/thriller, with some paranormal overtones. I was born in ’66 and I believe I’d read it by the time I entered high school in ’80, so it must have been written sometime before then. Possibly way before then, as I recall the book was a beat-up paperback when I picked it up.

It’s about a set of female cousins. One is dramatically beautiful, outgoing and rich, and kind of mean; she dies (I think before the book’s action begins) and leaves her estate to her cousin, who bears a certain resemblance to her but is kind and introverted. The good cousin moves into the house and begins thinking her dead cousin was murdered, I think? She also starts behaving oddly – more like the dead cousin. She dyes her hair to match the dead cousin. I vaguely recall a reference to “silver blonde” or something like that.
There’s a love interest for the cousin – I want to say he’s a lawyer? And that he also had some kind of relationship with the dead cousin? Maybe?

I think the dead cousin’s name is Cathy or Kathy, or maybe it’s the surviving cousin’s name? I don’t remember how the book develops the ghost angle – whether the ghost is real or just the cousin’s imagination – but I’m pretty sure it turns out she was murdered.

There’s a supporting character who’s a friend of the living cousin. I remember she shows up at one point and is described as an earth mother type, I think, and says something about the coffee she’s offered – like “heavens, yes, keep it coming” or maybe “I like my coffee like I like my men” but I could be wrong on that.

God I hope that’s enough because it’s driving me nuts, and I can’t find it, and this is all I recall.

316A: Garden of Dragons?

My book was read during my time in the Navy, probably about 1973-75. It was a paperback novel, and had some blues and purples on the cover and maybe said something about garden of dragons or something like that. I can remember that at one point these scientists were in the jungle and they were surrounded by massive bugs. I just remember enjoying the read but heck it was 40+ years ago and my memory just isn't cooperating!

315Z: Boy falls off a raft in a cave, discovers the outside world

This was a book that an elementary school teacher read aloud to us (mid 90s), and she deliberately kept the title a secret so that we would have to come up with one on our own. What I remember of the book is that the boy lived with his community (family, friends) on rafts on a river that is entirely in a cave system. Importantly, they never leave the caves (I think the boy hypothesizes at one point that the people used to go into the caves for the winter, but lost their way out and have forgotten the exterior world over time?). The boy falls off the raft one night while everyone else is sleeping and loses his family because the rafts keep floating down the river. He eventually finds a hole to climb out of the cave and is stunned by the sunshine. After that, I don't remember any more of the story.