311A: Married To An Abusive Older Man

The book is adult fiction. Set in Australia, or somewhere near there, in the early 1900s?? A young woman is married to an abusive older man. She murders him, hides his body in their basement, and then burns down the house. She then goes on the lam, and at one point, meets up with a group of cattle thieves.  She tags along with them/works with them. Eventually, the authorities catch up to her, but she runs away again.

310Z:The Princess Who Was Trapped In A Rainbow

 Hardcover book. I was in love with this book as a very young child in the mid-80s (figure around 1986 or1987?)
Took it out from a library/would look at it in school – in Springfield, MA, (just in case location helps).
The book was about a beautiful young girl who was stuck (?) kidnapped (?) Lost (?) in a rainbow. I think she was a princess and each kingdom she ran to/went to as she tried to get home was a different color. I remember loving the illustrations. I want to say it was either watercolor or more detailed hand drawn. Not computer illustrated.
Probably not more than 50 pages.
I remember it being slightly oversized (but I was probably about 7 so take that with a grain of salt).  *MIGHT* have been a scholastic book as we had book fairs at school and kids use to buy books from those Scholastic book flyers all the time.
Princess’s name might have started with an A.

310Y: The Alphabet book

BC alphabet book from the 1980's. Soft cover, probably a burgundy colour. Place names from British Columbia, e. g. : Annie from Abbotsford, and then a little story about that. Bought for my son who was born 1982 so could've been published in the 70's? I believe he received it when he was 4 or 5 years old.


310X: Cherished books

My father is desperate to find a cherished book from his childhood in Northern Ireland.  It was a compilation of poems and short stories published around 1945-1950.  He thinks it may have been a War Economy publication.  He cannot remember the name of the anthology.  The stories and poems he recalls are,

“How Horatius Kept the Bridge” by Macaulay

A tale about Ralph the Rover who removed the bell from the Inchcape Rock

“Rikki Tikki Tavi” by Rudyard Kipling

“Jackanapes” about the boy who became a bugler in Wellington’s army at Waterloo.  I think the author is J H Ewing.

“Stratosphere Express”: the tale of a huge, futuristic airliner that flew at 500 miles an hour and 60,000 feet across the Atlantic and, would you believe, was highjacked on its first trip

“Power on Deck” about the young engineering cadet who saves his ship from certain disaster

There was another story about a mysterious seaplane and the three children who put an end to its smuggling activities… with a little help from the Fleet Air Arm

The adventures of Mr. Bumbletoes of Bumbleton, the nursery floor creation who came alive at night with all his fellow citizens.

310W:It Was His Home

 Looking for the title of an illustrated children’s picture book published in the mid-1950s to 1960 or so. It was about a dog (possibly named George, possibly a poodle?). My husband’s family recalls nothing about the story except the refrain, repeated throughout the book, “(But) It was his home, and he liked it there.

310V:Changeling child becomes a fairy knight

his is a book-length fairy tale I found in our public library in the mid-1960’s. it was an old-looking book then, and was not specifically a children’s book, more in the style of Lord Dunsany or William Morris. The book concerns a human boy who is stolen by the fairies when a baby. The child becomes a favorite of the fairy king’s daughter, grows to adulthood in fairyland, and becomes a fairy knight.
I recall two scenes in particular. In one, the fairy princess has beseeched her father to take particular care of the changeling child. The fairy king commands the land to treat him well, in a spell beginning “Grass, be soft on his unused feet,” or words to that effect.
In the second, the boy has grown up. A fairy knight has to conjure/summon a horse from a mystic gulf by memorizing and then chanting the summoning. He then turns and walks out of the cave, not looking back until the horse he has called follows him out. How well he performs the summoning determines how strong and beautiful the horse will be.

310U:On A Train On Christmas Eve

Christmas Star is Medal of Honor
 My mother remembers reading this story in school, possibly a short story in an anthology. A small boy is on a train on Christmas Eve and asks his mother if Santa can find him. Some soldiers (this was set during WWII?) overhear and enlist the help of the train staff and other passengers to get a tree, ornaments, and presents. But they can’t find a star for the top of the train. An older man who has been grumpy/dismissive about the whole thing offers his medal of honor for the star. She has been looking for this story for many years now!

310T: The Fire Truck Story

There’s this picture book I swear my grandmother had. I believe it had 4-5 stories of motorized things. A tractor maybe, a dirigible, a firetruck, etc. I vividly remember the firetruck story. Burning building collapsed, bricks walls fell down, the fireman survived by laying under the truck. The tires all blew but the engine kept running, eventually the firetruck and fireman were both dug out. Was this a dream or is this a real book? It was probably published in the 50s. I remember it being ancient when I was a 70s kid.

310R:The Creepy Little Girl

I’m pretty sure the title is one word, “The ______ “. I remember most the ending; a little girl is walking around the perimeter of her house (a Victorian?), looking in the windows, but can’t get in and no one can hear/see her. Through the windows she sees another girl who looks exactly like her, interacting with her (the main character’s) family, playing with her toys, basically living her life in her place like an impostor. At the end she discovers she is in fact dead, a ghost, and the other little girl has replaced her.