314E: She Recalls the Word “Willow”

I am looking for a children’s book.
This book was published around 1959-1960 give or take a year or two. It had a medium blue hard cover and was approximately 8 x 6 and 100 pages give or take some.
It had many short stories and poems. The illustrations were primarily black ink and the drawings remind me of Irene Haas illustrations. This book may have been part of a Harper and Brothers adult book club selection because I have another book my mother had from this club and it is titled “The Day Christ Was Born” By Jim Bishop. She said the children’s book was offered as a special selection. My sister recalls the word “Willow” she thought maybe that may have been in the title of the book or possibly a title to one of the stories. I have been looking for this book for quite a few years and any help would be appreciated.

314D: Encyclopedia Brown without Mysteries (Solved)

I have strong memories of reading a chapter book in my grade school library where Encyclopedia Brown (or maybe another boy genius) plays harmless pranks on this hometown with the cooperation of the other kids. I remember it as a special edition of Encyclopedia Brown outside of the series where he solves mysteries.

In one story, the kids take all of their change from purchases as pennies for a few weeks, building up a huge stockpile of pennies — and then on a predetermined day, they go on a spending spree all over town making payment with pennies, leading to overflowing cash registers and befuddled clerks. In another story, the kids

In another story, the boy genius bets a friend that he can fool the whole town into believing that an imaginary person exists, and manages to get a library card and open a bank account in that fictional person’s name. He also describes the appearance of that person enough times that he convinces a whole crowd that they have seen him. He eventually reveals his duplicity and everyone is shocked to learn that they were fooled.

I have done hundreds of keyword searches on Google to track down this book, and have completely failed. I hope you can help me!

314C: City Lights Collection for Children

My grandmother taught me to read from a book we called “City Lights” though it appears to not be it’s actual title. This would have been between 1982-1987, but I am sure the book is older than that. It was a collection of short stories and poems for children. The book itself was an 8 by 12 hard cover, I believe the cover was a night time cityscape in shades of blue with a single bright yellow window in one of the buildings. I remember a poem that went: “Cat and I we had a fight, I hit, cat bit, we quit.” There was a story about a little boy who doesn’t want to get his haircut, and his hair gets so long it gets in his food, after dogs are attracted to the food in his hair and chase him he decides he does want to get his hair cut. The illustrations for that story are very similar to Susan Perl’s illustrations for the story Too Many Bozos.

314B: Mer-Folk and a Stormy on Dance Night

The short story I am looking for was from a compilation of stories, probably a compilation of spooky stories. Not sure whether it was set in the United States or the United Kingdom. I think it was the UK.  I read it a few years ago; it was about an island that belongs to the mer-folk/ sea beings. The island lies off a coastal town which connect to the mainland via jetty/pier and build a dancehall on it. The mer-folk throw up a huge storm on a dance night and separate the island from the mainland once again. They claim back their island. There was good description of the storm and its effect on the dancers I think. I would love to read it again.

314A: “Second Sight” Saves the Prince

I’m looking for a children’s/ young adult novel I found in a school library in 1977. I thought of it then as an “older book,” so I’m guessing the publication date to be between 1945 and 1965. It’s historical fiction that takes place during Scotland in the Jacobite period. The main character is a teen girl who sometimes has visions via the “second sight,” a gift that allows her to help save the prince at the end. It’s not a Sally Watson book.

313Z: Boy Experiencing Adolescence

The novel is fictional. I’m pretty sure it was written by a male. It’s roughly around 120-170 pages. It may have been released during the late 80-90s. From what I remember the background cover art was light blue and on the foreground, a face of a boy (pre-teens-young teenager) looking away to the left into the distance. There is also a bird (possibly a robin?) superimposed above him. The novel starts with a boy at a swim meet however I’m not sure if he wins or loses. After this, he is driving home with his mom and sister and they get into a fatal car accident (I’m not sure what becomes of the mother, but I do remember the sister having dialogue later in the book) which leaves the boy confined to a bed stuck in his thoughts for the most part. He is dealing with his changing body, his shifting views of sexuality and the death of his father during the Vietnam War (remembering scattered memories, the fact he doesn’t have father during all the puberty shift). I wish I could remember more but from what I do, it’s a fairly simple novel about a boy essentially dealing with existential burden from his growing body and lack of a fatherly figure.

313W: An Old Easter Story

This book has an Easter theme or at least involved rabbits who produced these really ornate Easter eggs; some, or at least one of them, had another world inside it. I recall something about a Grand bunny or master rabbit or similar; but, there also seemed to be some kind of theme where a child escapes their current world into one of the eggs (like a pied piper kind of story).