374I: Vintage children’s book about two raccoon brothers

The book was published sometime in the 1960s to 1970s. It had full-color illustrations and multiple stories presented like chapters about two raccoon brothers. The book was probably written for children between 4-7 years of age, or early readers. The only two chapters I remember were about not chewing with your mouth open and having a hard time falling asleep. In the first story, the older brother is annoyed by his younger brother chewing with his mouth open, making a noisy mess. The younger raccoon tries to chew with his mouth closed but has a hard time, even going so far as to tearfully pull his cheeks out so he doesn’t bite them. Eventually, the older brother relents and the younger brother happily resumes his messy, noisy eating. In the second story, the younger raccoon is struggling to fall asleep in his top bunk. The older brother, in the bed below, advises his brother to say goodnight to his body, part by part, starting with his toes. But by the time the young raccoon gets to his (knees, hips, stomach? can’t remember), his toes have “woken up” and he is sad. I don’t remember much more about this book other than I loved it very much as a young child in the 80s, and it was a gift from my beloved grandmother.

374H: Cat Lives Happily Ever After, and Other Stories

When I was around 5 or 6 years old (1972 to 1973) I loved a book of short children’s stories. I think it contained around a dozen or so stories. I recall a bunch of characters on the front cover. I think one of the characters was a knight, and he may or may not have been sitting on a horse.

One of the stories (I think the first one) was about a lost cat or kitten. The cat is lonely, cold, and hungry. The cat wandered around and found a pond with a fish in it. The cat tries to grab the fish, but is pulled into the water. (I think there may have been a fishing pole there, and the cat got tangled in it.) When the owner of the house heard the ruckus outside, he went out to retrieve the fish and cat. The cat then lives happily thereafter with the new owner, and the owner cooks the fish for the cat. There is a drawing of the cat sitting in front of the fire.

Another story was about some people who went for a short boat ride in a rowboat. To make sure everyone person was accounted for, the organizer of the voyage had everyone wear hat. Her plan was to count the number of hats before the journey, and then count them afterwards. If the numbers matched, then everyone was accounted for. The voyage had some problems. The boat started to sink because someone forgot to install the drain plug. But it wasn’t dangerous because the lake was very shallow. At any rate, at the end of the voyage the organizer was worried & upset because the number of hats she counted afterwards was one less than the onset of the voyage. But someone pointed out that she forgot to count the hat on her head, and everyone laughed.

374F: 2 in 1 Tween murder mysteries

The most prominent feature was this was a series of very short kids books where you had to flip the book upside down and backwards to read the answer to the mystery. Only like 5 pages per mystery I think. I think it was also two mysteries per book. One of the stories involved an investigator that had to investigate a death and the butler let him in to the study. The guy was dead at his desk with a bottle of cyanide firmly clasped in his hand. It was determined to be a murder because cyanide causes muscles to relax and the bottle could not be clutched tightly in his hand. It was staged to look like a suicide.

374E: Puritan Fog Friend

I read in grade school (early 70s), but I can’t remember the name of it.
Little girl had just moved to house on outskirts of small town New England coast of US. She likes to play in fog. One day meets another little girl. She speaks oddly, old-fashioned. Is dressed old too. But they have good time berry picking. Go to strange girl’s house. Also very old fashioned, more like a cabin. But girl thinks kinda cool. 
The odd girl’s mom fixes a couple of berry pies. Wraps one up for her to take to her mom. When she gets home, fog is lifting and pie is gone. The two girls meet often, always in fog. They become fast friends. 
Finally mom wants to meet this family. Daughter takes her to spot she KNOWS the village is standing. Nothing there. Just bright sunshine on the empty field. Few blocks away is a replica of a Puritan village but isn’t the same. She keeps saying things were in the wrong place. Never saw little girl again, foggy or not. 

Wish I could remember the name but was in like 4th maybe 5th grade at the most.”

374D: Mix-and-Match Fantasy Party

I had this book as a child in the 90’s. It was a mix and match book with pictures of fantasy characters, and I believe there were 3-4 flaps that you could arrange to decide on their hat, face, torso, and bottom half. It was very obvious what the correct/incorrect options were, but they lined up well enough to make it a fun mix-and-match game. Each character was humanoid, but all fantastical.
There was not much text, but the basic premise was that these were all guests who needed to look their best for a party or wedding or something. It was a hardcover book with spiral bindings inside. The cover was white and had a magician, dressed in a purple domed hat, brown/black hair, a purple masquerade mask with frills on each side, and purple jacket while holding an orb I believe. The art style was very intricate and high fantasy. There was one page with a bride and a groom, and when they were lined up properly, their bodies formed a distinct heart shape. Towards the end, there was a king and a queen.
Unsure of publishing date – I had a copy of this starting in the mid 90’s at least, so it could not have been after that point. 

374B: Entertainers Disappeared to Another Dimension

The book was about people from the entertainment industry in Hollywood (actors, writers, producers etc) who start disappearing. Turns out they are somehow being transported to some alternate universe or past time period that’s medieval like. There is some reason they don’t want people from there to know (I can’t remember why) so they start going around in a traveling wagon putting on a Shakespeare play – Hamlet I think, and advertising a miracle cure all – I think it was aspirin. The idea is people from our world/time period would recognize both but the people from there wouldn’t!

374A: Groundhog Day (Solved!)

I’m looking for a kid’s book likely from the 70’s to early 80’s about a groundhog whose friends didn’t want him to see his shadow so they brought him food when he woke up to keep him in his bed. They emptied all the surrounding gardens but he was still hungry. He wanted to leave his den to get more food but they tried to keep him in. When he asked them why he couldn’t leave they told him they did not want him to see his shadow. After this he informs them that ground hog day was yesterday and he’d slept through it. I have looked for this book for years, even when I was a school librarian for a little while and haven’t been able to locate it. My mom doesn’t remember the name of it but does remember that we had it.Thank you for any help you can give for this.