350W: A Monster/Bird/Caterpillar Grows

I’m looking for a children’s picture book. Probably published between 1994 and 2004, a square white book, where … There’s a monster/bird/caterpillar? kind of thing that seems to grow … I remember the illustration being swirly, watercolor like with say leaves and feathers that get caught up in it as it grows???
Not Monster Mama but those colors and blurriness are on a similar track … Not a very hungry caterpillar, those colors are right but the illustrations aren’t cut paper…
What brings this book to mind is this fabric:
Do you think we have any chance of figuring it out?

349T: Rich boy repairs exotic bird’s broken beak with soap

The story is of a wealthy little boy who seems to be without parents.  There is a butler.  He receives a gift of an exotic bird (parrot/macaw/toucan?) who injures his beak and the boy fixes it with a bar of soap.  A heavy-set woman visits who I believe is an opera singer.  The illustrations are pen and ink with some color, but my overwhelming memory of the book is that it is basically in black, white and red.  All the characters, as I remember have large ovoid heads and small bodies.
I bought this book for my son in the early 2000s.  

349M: The Empty Valley Mystery

All I remember about this book is that a group of kids (who were maybe related. There were two brothers?) ended up in this absolutely empty valley - there was a plane involved. And they explore this valley - find a cave to live in. And at some point they solve a mystery - a chicken is involved - and they find gold. And then get rescued. This was is the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew genre. All I remember about the cover is that it had a numeral of sorts on it. Also, in another book in the same series one of the brothers finds a rare bird - a great auk or something.

347W: On the Wing of a Lark – Children’s Poems

This was a short book of children’s poetry I had as a child and it seemed like an older book even then. So it is at least 35 years old but likely more. I remember a few of the poems vaguely. One was about the changing seasons, I remember Autumn had apple trees and children collecting them. And another about the day passing using birds i.e. the sun rises with the robin…night come on the wing of a lark or something like that? There was also one about a toothache. What I remember the most is the illustrations. They were very delicate with children that had chubby cheeks. The trees were drawn with curly cues. For the toothache one the little girl had a handkerchief tied around her face. It was in English but maybe British because of the words that were used like lark and morning tea.

The book itself was about the size of a sheet of paper and covered in light blue cloth. The cloth was much like my Hardy Boys books. The title was on the binding and for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was. Something like: The Robin Brings the Sun or the Robin Sings the Morning…I’ve tried googling a lot of variations but since the book is older I’ve given up trying to find it that way. Due to how I remember it and since the front of the book didn’t have the title I’d assume it may have had a dust jacket that had gotten removed at some point. I was hoping to get it from my mom for my daughter but they’ve moved so many times it got given away at some point. Would love to find it as it was a favorite when I was little.

294C: Wowee Kee Flowee

This is a child’s book circa 1950s about a bird who is trying to bring twigs into his/her birdhouse to build a nest.  The twigs don’t fit in the small birdhouse door because the length of the twigs is too long to fit in the oval entrance.  The bird finally realizes that the twigs can be brought in by turning them to go straight in.  The bird then screams Wowee Kee Flowee!  Of course, I might not have the entire story correct since it has been over 60 years since I read it, but I will always remember Wowee Kee Flowee!


248K: Boy and chauffeur search for lost cockatoo

Standard 32 page color children’s book with illustrations. I believe the boy was sickly. One day his cockatoo (or parrot) flew (or was blown?) out the window, and he and his chauffeur or butler drove all around the country looking for the bird. As they went, parts of the body of their car kept falling off, and they kept having to replace the parts with colorful, non-matching parts. Eventually, I think they found the bird.