248B: He dreamed of pheasant hunting

I am looking for book I read back around 1970 at our local library-already checked with them.

It is a short hardcover bound youth book written probably for ages 8-12. I suspect it was probably written no earlier than 1950 and no later than 1970, by I suspect a minor author.

The short story, as I recall, is about a young boy who obsessively thinks and dreams about going pheasant hunting, he eventually does go pheasant hunting, gets all scratched up in the thickets chasing the elusive ring necked pheasant and after a long unsuccessful day of hunting I believe his father ends up buying some pheasants to take home so his son does not feel unsuccessful.

As I recall the book had a blue cloth cover with black impressed line drawing of a pheasant or two and perhaps a shotgun.

I would like to buy this book, not really concerned about the price-want to give it to my son.

It is for sure not “Danny the Champion of the World.”


233A: Native American boy skips school to hunt

I need the title and author for children’s book from 1960’s. American Indian boy skips school to go hunting, encounters animals small to large who send him to the next bigger animal (gopher,rabbit, bobcat, wolf, antelope, bear). Finally bear with cubs admonishes him for hunting for fun while she only hunts when hungry which is NOW so he runs back to the little schoolhouse. Illustrations are brown tones. Cover is white with little Indian boy in a long chief’s headdress. Possible title Littlest Braveheart or Little Braveheart? Maybe Scholastic or Weekly reader paperback.
Thank you for any help you can provide which will help me get another copy of this book.

227C: Duck Decoy with a Heart

The story of a carver who made a duck decoy with a heart anchor held by a string. When he’s in the water a fish, or crab or something snips the string and his heart falls to the bottom of the lake. I read it in about the late 1950s. I remember the hunter using the decoy part was disturbing.

Thank you. I hope someone else remembers this book.