347V: Shape Shifting Amnesiac Becomes The Thunderbird

I read this book in the 1970s or early 1980s. It is fiction/fantasy about a man with amnesia (modern times of the 1970s or 80s) who through adventures eventually discovers that he is a shape shifter who morphs into the SW Native (Indian) god/entity the Thunderbird. I think there are two books in the series and I seem to recall a female protagonist who also turns into a Thunderbird and the two characters go off into the sunrise together, but don’t quote me on that! The cover art was intriguing. And the end was sad because to become Himself as the Thunderbird the guy with amnesia had to give up the self he had become while in human form.

344R: Historical American romance pregnant heroine with amnesia

I read this book as a teenager in the early 1990s.  It was a paperback, but I don’t think it was a Harlequin.


  • An American soldier/person of importance


  • An American from an upstanding family who were sympathetic to the plight of the Native American Indians


  • America


  • During a war – not sure which one, but it involved Native American Indians

 Main plot                           

  • Hero and heroine marry in a traditional Native American Indian ceremony.
  • Heroine is given a necklace with a carved wooden charm (I think a turtle) in lieu of a wedding ring.
  • Heroine is kidnapped on her wedding night.  She suffers a head injury and gets amnesia and finds out she is pregnant while imprisoned.
  • The hero finds her, but she does not recognise him.
  • The hero claims her and they are married in a traditional Christian ceremony.
  • Heroine gives birth to their child – a girl  – and regains her memory.

 Other plot twists

  • Heroine’s brother is fighting in the war.  He secretly marries a Native American Indian known to the family.  Heroine’s brother is killed in the war, and his wife dies in childbirth, and the heroine cares for their child – a son named Andrew (I think) after his father (the heroine’s brother).
  • One particularly gruesome scene where a preacher is tortured and burned.

344O: Children’s picture book about girl who dances with shadows

Looking for a children’s picture book about a girl who lives in a village (likely indigenous, maybe based on cliff dwellers?). The villagers see scary shadows on the walls of the cliff they live at the bottom of and thinks they are monsters. Eventually the girl climbs to the top of the cliff (maybe with a grass? ladder) and discovers that the shadows weren’t monsters, but friendly (people or animals, can’t remember.) I read this book as a kid around 2000, my grandparents had bought it, so likely published between like 1990 and early 2000s. They’d traveled to Australia and American Southwest, and I think book was purchased one of those places. It was a hardcover with full color illustrations. Tried googling key words but can’t find it so far, help!

343Z: Minda the Little Indian Girl

I’m searching for an old child’s book about a little Indian girl named Minda. My father bought it used in the 1950s. It was a child’s reader and I remember very colorful. We lived in Ohio and my father had a store where he sold things, like thrift stores today. He was so excited to find it for me. My fathers mother passed away when he was 9 in 1928 her name was Minda. I was named after her. I was always told she was Indian. I think Cherokee. My mother passed away when I was 17 in 1969. I never knew what happened to my book. I’ve searched many years now. Of course both parents are gone. I don’t know the name of the book. I never knew anyone else named Minda but I know there are. I’m hoping you can help me. Thank you.

342R: Sordid Affair Leads to Heiress Being Raised by Native American Woman

Romantic novel, heiress is raised by a Native American woman after her father runs away with her (he finds out his wife betrayed him, his second daughter isn't his, she has been having an affair, and ended up dying by her lovers hand) and dies in the wilderness. She hums a "spirit song", Greensleeves. A soldier comes to the Native American camp, she ends up falling for him, and he brings her back to civilization, to his fiance's family who happens to be her long lost sister and grandmother. Her sister doesn't like her and thinks she's a fraud, when she is actually the true heiress to everything. Her sister is also having an affair (just like her mother), she ends up dying just like her mother did.

319Z: Turn, Turn, Turn

This young adult book from the 1960s or 1970s was set in the Southwest, maybe Arizona or New Mexico. A girl's parents have divorced so she is sent to live with her father, I think. The song "For everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn" is featured in the story somehow. Some of the characters in the story are Native American but I'm not sure whether the girl and her father are, or not.

301D: Bent Arrow, True Arrow

Children’s fiction book I read around 1958. Main character is “Bent Arrow”, a Native American boy with a problem with his leg. He saves his ? uncle from another warring tribe and in doing so, I think, he walked 10 paces then ran 10 paces then ran 10 paces alternating. He is renamed “True Arrow”. I do not remember the title or author.

233A: Native American boy skips school to hunt

I need the title and author for children’s book from 1960’s. American Indian boy skips school to go hunting, encounters animals small to large who send him to the next bigger animal (gopher,rabbit, bobcat, wolf, antelope, bear). Finally bear with cubs admonishes him for hunting for fun while she only hunts when hungry which is NOW so he runs back to the little schoolhouse. Illustrations are brown tones. Cover is white with little Indian boy in a long chief’s headdress. Possible title Littlest Braveheart or Little Braveheart? Maybe Scholastic or Weekly reader paperback.
Thank you for any help you can provide which will help me get another copy of this book.