329E: Myfanwy – A Romance

“Myfanwy” is a short story that was included in an anthology of teen romances.  The preface of the book had the lyrics to either “Why Must I be a Teenager in Love” or “Do You Wanna Dance?” The story involves a teenage boy who attends a boy’s school and a beautiful girl named Myfanwy would be seen at church, but would never speak to anyone, and one day, the boy is sitting under a tree reading and Myfanwy approaches him and they talk.

328R: Red Head Girl Falls In Love With Ghost Of Civil War Soldier

When I was in high school, likely 1999-2002, I read a young adult romance novel that I thoroughly enjoyed but cannot remember much about it.
I believe it was a paperback book and the cover artwork was drawn…no photos…likely 1980s or early-bird 1990s looking work. There was a red headed girl…high school age I believe…sitting at a headstone in a cemetery…with the ghost of a soldier looking on.
I believe the plot, from what I can recall, is that this red headed high school girl was somewhere back east visiting family…aunt and uncle, perhaps, for the Christmas holiday. She was a history buff and helped her aunt in the family antique shop. She somehow met the ghost of a solider…Civil War, perhaps? He died as a young man and they fell in love and had a relationship. I think it’s the same book but…I believe she met a living young man in town who wanted to romance her over her holiday break, and threw a New Year’s Eve party. Hope this helps. I remember wanting to read all the authors’ books because this one was so enjoyable!

328D: Woman Offended By Man’s Offer To Take Care Of Her Needs

I’m looking for a contemporary romance novel that I read sometime between Sept. 1983 and Sept. 1984. A woman overhears a man (just married husband maybe) tell someone he can take care of her or her needs. She becomes offended and flies to Paris or London to learn culinary skills. She returns to the US and becomes an inn keeper. Meanwhile, he’s looking for her. When he finally finds her, there is a snowstorm at the inn. One of the guests is a young girl who locks her in a little room, I believe in between two fireplaces. He helps out around the inn. When he once again says he can take care of her and or her needs, she gets offended again.
There is nothing exceptional about this book. The misunderstanding is really contrived, but for some reason it’s driving me crazy.

327V: Restaurant Owner Takes Away Medical Student Employee’s Pride

My computer crashed and I lost all the books on my e reader-so i have several I am looking for…here is the first one.

It is a gay m/m romance. a man owns a bunch of restaurants and he is talking to a friend, and he decides to open a private club/restaurant/hotel for gay men-a membership, so they can be themselves, not be harassed, and enjoy themselves.  He hires a man to manage it who used to be his companion, but they separated after the companion was attacked and he has a scar on his face.  The manager hires this guy who helped him with his physical therapy-he works part time in a coffee shop but he isn’t making enough money.  He was in med school, but he dropped out to move back and help his dad out after he got cancer.  The dad dies, and now he is responsible for his younger brothers-I think there are 3.
So he goes, reluctantly to work at this club-because he can earn enough to support his family.
The owner sees him, and wants him, he sits in the waiters section, and orders all night, at the end of the night he propositions the waiter-going as high as $2000…and the waiter turns him down. the boss is stunned-the bartender and the manager are laughing-they love seeing the boss get shot down-he thinks everyone is for sale…he tries another time, and nothing….
He finally gets the waiter to go out with him-by not bringing up money, and they have a great time…but after they spend a night together, the waiter wakes up in bed alone, with a wad of money on the dresser.  He is very hurt and leaves.  The boss finds out where he lives, and goes there. it is a poor neighborhood, and the boss gives the envelope with the money to one of his brothers calling it a ‘bonus’.  The older brother freaks out, yelling at him, about how didn’t he realize if he wanted to do that kind of thing-he could have-years ago, but he went to med school, he wanted more for his family, and in one move, he took away all his pride, and what gave him that right to think everyone was for sale?  The boss realizes how bad he screwed up, and he tries to win the waiter back….but the waiter wants nothing to do with him.  He goes online through the college they went to, and talks to him.  Meanwhile, the mother they thought dead shows up when she learned the father was dead-she is a drug addict, active, and wants custody of the boys, but for the death benefits money.
Another fact-the company owner is trying to develop a line of flavored vinegars, and designer cooking oils to sell on the Home Shopping Network.
Anything you can do to help me is great….I really appreciate it….

326C: Spaceship 10/100 Hours

Ok, this book is one i picked up at an airport in Hawaii 2011. Its a SciFi romance that I think is intended for YA as the main characters were between 15-22. They were living on a spaceship with the Heroine sneaking through the vents. I’m pretty sure they rotated on a 10 hour schedule with the week starting over at 100 hrs.
Please help me, this book was so good it haunts me!

324F: As Railroads Are Built, Professional Pie Lady Looks For Love

I’m really hoping someone can help me with this one because I’ve been trying to remember the title for years now after losing the book in a move.

It is a romance I read in the late 90s set in the Midwest while building the railroad. The woman gets hired on with the train company and makes pies in the dining car (I think shes running from an arranged marriage or bad home situation like dean guardian?). Her big thing is pie making, lots and lots of pies. Eventually the company moves up into the mountains (?) where she is responsible for cooking for the one crew. She gets involved with the lead foreman (?) and at some point gets kidnapped by an Native, and he goes after her. Pretty sure I remember her being pregnant when shes kidnapped. And that’s about the sum total of my memory on this one. Thanks!