351Q: Italian Immigrant Artist-Sculptor Love Story

Love story about Italian immigrants in the US around the early 1900s. The young man is a laborer, possibly at the railroads, during the day and an artist-sculptor at night. The setting is a city. He does not readily tell his girlfriend about his artist-sculpture work he does in his off time. I think it was a statue of a woman when finished. Read in the 1980s, about 200 pages of dense writing, paperback, pocketbook size. May be considered a romance novel.

351F: Disfigured Man Brought Out of the Dark by Lover

The book is a historical romance. The two characters had met before but separated for whatever reason. Later in the story (midway ish?) the man’s older brother is thought to be dead and his face is now terribly scarred. He is now left with his brother’s title and 2 daughters. He keeps to the dark, won’t come out in the daylight or shave and neglects the girls as a result. She comes back and he tells her that she will have to marry him to stay and take care of the girls and she agrees because she loves him. He basically drags her to an old alter that’s cracking and falling apart and then makes off with her for their wedding night. He likes the dark so she can’t see him so he tries to keep it dark but she’s terrified of the dark.
Eventually she tells him to get over himself that it’s just a scar and he’s being a big baby and not treating his nieces the way he should. He shaves and goes to see them in bed and one of the girls wakes up screaming (neither had seen his face with or without the beard since before the incident that caused him to be scarred). I think that’s when she tells him off and leaves him to his own devices. He sacks up and starts rejoining the world he had cut himself off of, only for his brother to come back, turns out he was alive and well (ish) and eager to be home with his brother and children. This is the climax area, something makes them both rush off, I think she gets trapped somewhere dark and he and his brother have to find and help her and she’s in such a state she doesn’t even realize that her husband is clean shaven and in broad daylight.
That’s it that’s all I remember, I’ve been trying periodically for years to find the book title but I’m at a loss. I think I read it between 2004-2011? But would have been from my library so it could be older by a decade or more, I come from a really small town in Michigan.

349P: Forest Girl Falls in Love with City Boy

I read this as a young adult (I was born in 1976). It was a beautiful novel about a girl who grew up in the forest with little / no interaction with the outside world. I remember she had a vivid imagination and maybe had a magical lake or bog she would visit. She meets someone from the “city” and they fall in love. I seem to remember he gave her gloves and she didn’t know what gloves were. I now have teenage daughters and would love to share this novel with them.
I’ve done a lot of searching with the words girl, lost, forest, tree but can’t seem to figure it out.

346O: Man-Hating Girl With Two Horses Named Prince and Swan

Can’t remember the title of a book. I read it about 10-12 years ago as a child. It had an orange cover I think, and I remember the words swan, golden, or road were maybe part of the title? It’s about a young girl who lives in some sort of Middle Eastern/Asian/Russian country I believe? And she always has suitors but she rejects them in a man-hating sort of way. The most memorable part is I think she has a horse called Prince and maybe a white horse called Swan. At one point she is locked in a cave/tomb with only a jug of water and a jug of oil for lighting a candle for days on end. After that she grabs on one of the horse’s tail to pull/drag her out? I read a query on the NYPL website which may be this book, but it has not been answered. I’ll include a copy paste of the person’s query below. Thank you for taking the time to read this and search.

The NYPL Query:
I’m looking for this book,it’s a historical romance.I remember it was about a very wild girl who had sent all her suitors away by being wild.Her father decided to take matters into his own hands and summoned her ‘betrothed’ .It however turns out that there was no betrothal and the man he sent for was the son of his late best friend who is yet to be married.Her father lies to both his daughter and the guy who was incredibly handsome that the betrothal had been signed by the dead best friend leaving them no choice but to wed.It’s a very hilarious book with the girl doing so many things to try and and make the guy bow out. However both of them hilx honour above everything and none can break the promise each made to their parents to push through with the wedding.They eventually fall in love and get married at the end but the journey is very hilarious.oh!The girl has a very big love for hoses and considers their Cossacks as her brothers.And the guy goes all the way to collect her from their home.She rans away before they get married because she is pregnant and tries to find a husband for herself because she believes the guy doesn’t want her I think her favourite horse was called Prince somefhing .please help mW find it.

345B: Musical Love Story from Harlequin Era

I'm looking for a book which may be Harlequin from late 1970s or early 1980s, about a young widow of a rock and roll band member who may have committed suicide. She falls for his band mate, who has long been in love with her, and it turns out, she has a hidden singing talent. I believe the setting is at a beach house, in Florida perhaps.

344R: Historical American romance pregnant heroine with amnesia

I read this book as a teenager in the early 1990s.  It was a paperback, but I don’t think it was a Harlequin.


  • An American soldier/person of importance


  • An American from an upstanding family who were sympathetic to the plight of the Native American Indians


  • America


  • During a war – not sure which one, but it involved Native American Indians

 Main plot                           

  • Hero and heroine marry in a traditional Native American Indian ceremony.
  • Heroine is given a necklace with a carved wooden charm (I think a turtle) in lieu of a wedding ring.
  • Heroine is kidnapped on her wedding night.  She suffers a head injury and gets amnesia and finds out she is pregnant while imprisoned.
  • The hero finds her, but she does not recognise him.
  • The hero claims her and they are married in a traditional Christian ceremony.
  • Heroine gives birth to their child – a girl  – and regains her memory.

 Other plot twists

  • Heroine’s brother is fighting in the war.  He secretly marries a Native American Indian known to the family.  Heroine’s brother is killed in the war, and his wife dies in childbirth, and the heroine cares for their child – a son named Andrew (I think) after his father (the heroine’s brother).
  • One particularly gruesome scene where a preacher is tortured and burned.

344K: Love Stories Around the World

Daughter of the Sun (I thought) was the title.

The book was given by my great grandmother to my mother. My mother is now 60 for reference.
The book was bound in a green fabric with gold accents.
The book was three separate love stories in one book .
Story 1
The first story was Daughter of a Sun. Main characters name is Charlie (Charlotte).  Charlie’s father disappears in the mountains and she ends up backpacking with a former student of her fathers through the mountains to solve the mysterious disappearance of her father. They end up finding her father who lives with a lost civilization. Takes place in South America.
Story 2  
Woman is an antiques appraiser and falls in love with an engaged client and helps the family find the missing will – that I believe was hidden in a door stop. Takes place in Europe.
Story 3
Gill has arranged marriage with one brother (I think his name starts with an F) and falls in love with the other brother. She fell asleep in the wrong limo and ended up at a castle-like estate. The man she loves did a business merger with her grandfather. Lover calls her mouse. There is a problem with a landslide. Additionally, he is a race car driver. Takes place in Italy
This is the most important book I ever read because it came from my great grandmother. I have no idea who wrote it or if it is even possible to find. I would be humbled by any help.

344I: Teen Romance From the 50’s or 60’s

Looking for a book I read as a young teen.  Early 1970’s, I expect it was written in the later 1950’s or 60’s.

The book was a young adult high school romance. I remember nothing except the girl was not one of the popular girls (she may have been new in school) and her name in the book is Beth (could have been Elizabeth but she was called Beth).  The boy in the story line was the popular boy in school.

Outside of Little Women, the name Beth was not one found often in books and since it is my name the basic story stuck with me.

343L: Boyfriend Sleeps in Snow on Cold Night to Prove Love (Solved!)

I have searching for this book for a while. It is something I read in middle school. I’m 36 years old. The book was about a high school girl that was dating her brother’s best friend. It takes place in a state in the US where it snows and some or all of the book takes place during winter. I remember there was a window seat where she drank hot chocolate and looked out and saw him in the front yard. There was also a scene where they got into a fight and to prove himself to her he built himself a place to sleep in the snow in her front yard. I remember the Mom remarking that it was cold out there. Unfortunately I don’t remember the title or author or names of the main characters but I remember the book being well written and very age appropriate for middle school and early high school. I hope you can figure it out!! I would love to grab a copy for my home library. Thank you!

342R: Sordid Affair Leads to Heiress Being Raised by Native American Woman

Romantic novel, heiress is raised by a Native American woman after her father runs away with her (he finds out his wife betrayed him, his second daughter isn't his, she has been having an affair, and ended up dying by her lovers hand) and dies in the wilderness. She hums a "spirit song", Greensleeves. A soldier comes to the Native American camp, she ends up falling for him, and he brings her back to civilization, to his fiance's family who happens to be her long lost sister and grandmother. Her sister doesn't like her and thinks she's a fraud, when she is actually the true heiress to everything. Her sister is also having an affair (just like her mother), she ends up dying just like her mother did.