345Y: American Girl “Self Improvement”

I am looking for the title of a book given to me by my father around mid-late 1960’s.
It was about a pre-teen girl growing up, trying to improve, organize and schedule her day to day life. More like a Nancy Drew “good girl” type, unruly hair, awkward.
I think it must have been written earlier, 1940’s or 50’s.
The book was written in the first person, humorous and light.
I remember a strict but kind father, older sister and school friends/enemies.
Possibly a first dance. Lots of list and schedule making to improve herself, waking, school work, etc., minute by minute.
That’s all I’ve got. Maybe this will ring a bell with someone.
Thank you.

259A: A shameful delicious lunch (Solved)

My query is on a book I read in the mid 1960’s, however I don’t know when it was published.  It was a child’s book about a young student (I  believe a girl)  whose parents worked in a restaurant.  Because of that, she “had” to bring lovely, delicious restaurant leftovers for her school lunches.  I vividly remember the descriptions of her covering her desk with a checked cloth, and taking out all this elegant, gourmet food.  The twist was that she was ashamed of her lunches, for being different.  I hope you can help!