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367V: Kids survive by foraging on beach

I was born in 1987 so most likely this book was read to me around 1992 or 1993. It was a paper back, chapter book. It did not have pictures. I would guess it was a YA novel. There were kids, possibly sisters, in the story who have to fend for themselves while living without grown ups in a beach house. To survive they collect snails or cockles from the beach and learn how to cook them. It might be that they ran away from home or were abandoned by the adults. I don’t recall the rest of the context. There may have been an old telephone in the house which they were trying to fix to get in touch with someone. It was a little bit scary to me but mostly exciting. The book was super engaging to me – I loved books about wilderness survival and foraging for food, such as My Side of the Mountain. I loved the idea that they had to live off the land around them and the ocean.

365V: Teen girl diabetes horse (Solved!)

This is a book I read in the 70s or maybe early 80s. I believe it was set in England or somewhere not in the US. It was about a young girl who had been diagnosed with diabetes. Her parents bought her a horse. She has a mean sister and I remember at Easter she got all this sugar free stuff and her sister got a big chocolate egg and she lunged for it and her sister ended up busting her head open. That’s all I remember. I hope you can help!

362X: Children’s David Lee Roth Short Story (Solved!)

I’m looking for a children’s book of short stories I received as a gift in the 80s. I think the front cover had a photo of an eagle with people standing on it. It may have been a blue cover.

I do remember one of the short stories was about two sisters in a fight. The younger sister accidentally drew a pen mark on her older sister’s David Lee Roth poster and when she tried to erase it she rubbed a hole through.

362L: Sister Turns Out to be Another Personality

I’m looking for a YA book from the late 80’s or early 90’s. It’s about a group of school students that go to an old house. The main character is a girl that has a sister. It’s revealed later that the sister is actually another personality.  I think there was a picture of a girl looking in the mirror on the cover. I think some bad things happen to the other students, but I don’t remember specifics.

359M: Sister Saves Woman’s Stepchild From Drowning

I am looking for a novel about a married woman who has come into contact with her ex boyfriend. One day at the beach with her child, stepchild and pregnant sister, she is communicating with the ex when her children get dragged out to the ocean. She runs in after them but can only grab one and she chooses her own child. Her sister, a strong swimmer, saves the stepchild but needs to be hospitalized due to bleeding.

There is a beautiful sentence about the bond between sisters.

359D: Fiction, long-lost sisters with celebrity dad, Ireland/USA

This is a contemporary realistic fiction book. A celebrity man dies and is on the news, and somehow his daughter in the USA finds out he has another daughter in Ireland, or vice versa. The sisters meet. The Irish sister has a cheating husband who eventually seduces the American sister. The American sister later has a summer fling with a 17-year old, the ex-boyfriend of her niece (or something like that). I read it in 2010 and am guessing it was less than 10 years old at the time. The book is light green (or at least, the version I read was). I have a picture of me reading it, but when zoomed in it is way too grainy to decipher any info at all.

344B: Rural family of sisters YA series

This is so vague…
I remember reading a series of young adult novels in the early 90s, though I feel the books had been around for awhile. From what I remember the books were about a rural family (I think set somewhere between the 1920s and 1940s… but not sure) I believe each novel in the series was from the perspective of a different sister each time. The only piece of plot I remember was about them fermenting something too long and it became alcohol instead of vinegar.
Thank you for your help!

343X: Younger Sister Makes A Mess In Bedroom

Seeking a small (I think it was green with ivy on the cover) children’s book about a little girl who is not allowed in her sister’s room without permission for fear she will make a mess. She gets in one day and does make a mess while playing, but then cleans it up.  If I remember correctly her sister is angry when she realizes her little sister went in without permission, but then forgives her when she sees how tidy her room was left.

245D: Two sisters come-of-age

The novel was either YA or teen, something I read in the 1980s. It was mass market at the time. It focused on a family, more specifically a teenage girl. One of the first scenes involved her riding on the subway with her older sister. The two see a group of young men attempting to rob an elderly woman. The older sister steps in and is eventually kicked in the stomach by one of the men. This incident reveals that the older sister is pregnant, something that causes some conflict for the family. It is around Christmas. The younger sister spends time with a teacher, in one scene driving around at night looking at the Christmas lights. She also spends a night with a girlfriend of hers, someone who is depicted as a free spirit. I seem to recall that the younger sister was torn by her feelings for her sister – resentment at the attention she was receiving, but also love.

Thank you for your time.