353H: Young Singing Boy Dies As Old Man Under Tree

I am trying to find a book I received as a child in the early 1980s.
The book had a white cover and was the story of a young boy who grew up with the talent of singing. It chronicles his life and then ends with him dying as an old man under a tree a believe…a place that is often referred to in the book I think.
The illustrations are all stick figures.
I believe the story was inspired by Elvis and their may have been a dedication to him or something in the book.
I would really love to find a copy and remember this book since I can’t find my copy.

352J: Pizza grows on trees?

I have a memory of a children’s book from the 80s — it was interactive with flaps and things you could pull. I have two clear memories of it. One page had a tree with lots of foods you could pull out — like a slice of pizza and an orange. Another page had little doors you could open for each letter of the alphabet–each one had a name starting with the letter from the alphabet (I remember Quentin and Xavier) and when you opened the door it would either say “Quentin is in” or “Quentin is out”). I believe each character was a mouse and if they were in, you would see them in their little window. If they were out, it would be empty. I think, actually, that the whole book might have been themed around these mice and that it might have been called something like “Mr. ____ Mice.” But even though I’ve tried to search for it many times, that clearly hasn’t been enough info to turn up the book I want! It seems to me like it might have been a Dr. Seuss knock-off, one of those books that sort of looks and sounds like Dr. Seuss but isn’t. Don’t know if that’s enough to locate a book! But grateful for any help you can give me.

347P: Skateboarding Girls Try to Save Apartment Building

Preteen (maybe 13 y/o) girl lives in New York (most likely Greenwich village) with her single mother. They are about to lose their apartment or an apartment building is about to be torn down. She and her best friend, who is a POC, try and find a special artifact in the building before it is torn down or save the building from being torn down at all. I remember that a tree is growing in the foundation of the building. This girl and her mother sometimes ate egg sandwiches whenever they were upset. The girl and her best friend liked to skateboard.

342F: Little girl left toy under the willow tree overnight

Caitlin Kelly, caitlin.el.kelly@gmail.com[/private role]

I have been trying to figure out the name of a book I used to rent from a library in RI with my grandmother when I was young. It was about a little girl (I think her name was Charlotte). She had a toy (I think a bunny, but could’ve been some other stuffed toy) and she left it under a willow tree. I think she left it and there was a storm.

339B: Children’s picture book about girl who turns into a tree at the end

I was obsessed with this book from approx 1998-2004. I lost the outer cover of it so all I remember was a large bright green hardcover with a tree embossed on it.

It starts off with a little girl who plants a tree. The tree grows quickly and the girl shrinks and meets all the animals of the tree, like squirrels. She experiences all 4 seasons in the tree and at one point I think she hibernates with a bear inside the tree during winter. The best part is at the end she turns into the tree! There is an image of her body and face drawn into the trunk of the tree as part of the bark. Then her mom calls her name (might have been Emily?? Might not) and she wakes up next to the small tree she was planting. It was all a dream!

I’ve been looking for this book for many years with no luck, thank you in advance for any help!

330B: Mittens On A Scrawny Tree

I’m looking for a children’s book we read in the late 80s/early 90s, but I’m not sure when it was actually published. It was about a girl who had or came across a scrawny tree and to protect it from the elements in winter, she wrapped it in a scarf, mittens, etc. It may have begun finally sprouting a leaf in spring, but I may be wrong about that detail. It’s not The Mitten Tree by Candace Christiansen, unless it’s been re-released with new illustrations I don’t recognize. Thank you! I’m hoping to give this to my sister for her baby shower, because it was our favorite book as kids and we’ve never been able to track it down.