Stump the Bookseller, BETA format

lb-kidchairs-sWe are pleased to present the new BETA model for Stump the Bookseller.  We’re still working out some kinks, but the basic format is now in WordPress (like this blog), which should make commenting simple and faster, and spam-free.  It also has an awesome search capability, which we know you’ll enjoy.

We decided the old keycodes were unnecessary in this new format, and we hope this makes the site more intuitive to use.  The old Stump the Bookseller site remains live, too, so you can still benefit from the 18-year archive of Solved Mysteries.  In fact, we encourage you to do as much of your own homework as you can, using our archives, Google, the Library of Congress, etc., which are all free.  Posting to the new site will be a mere $4, and we hope you’ll provide us some concrete details so that your query can be solved!

Welcome back, Stumper Magicians worldwide, and please let us know what we can do to tweak this BETA model to make it even better.  We’ve missed you!

New Stump the Bookseller blog

About Harriett

Harriett started Loganberry Books in 1994, acknowledging that what she liked best about perpetual school was the physical objects called books. Her personal biblio interests range from Robert Lawson to Virginia Woolf and various and asundry illustrated editions of Alice in Wonderland and old lepidoptera.
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