287C: A tree in the forest with special powers

Looking for a children’s chapter book from the 1960s or early 70’s about a tree in the forest that has special powers. I recall that the vines were alive as was the tree – but I recall only a girl in the story could communicate with the tree and either visited or lived beneath the ground by the tree? For some reason I recall descriptions about being under the ground at times. I don’t think it was a scary tree. More like a friend and protector to the girl. Would love to track it down if possible.


285A: Squeaker at the Zoo

In 1962, my kindergarten class performed a play for children called Squeaker at the Zoo. The plot concerned a dog (Squeaker) who became lost at a zoo.  The little girl who owns Squeaker goes around to the various animals at the zoo and asks them if they have seen her dog.  Each group of animals answers, in turn, “No, no, no–we have not seen your dog.”  Finally Squeaker turns up.

According to a newspaper article, “Squeaker at the Zoo” is described as an “operetta” or “song story” that is taken from a Reading Readiness Program workbook entitled “Here We Come.”  The play seems to have been performed by many kindergarten classes across the country in 1963 and in the years after.

Can you find the play for children entitled, Squeaker at the Zoo?

284C: A girl in an animal swim tube

This is a small children’s book, most likely written in the 60’s.  It was a small, orange book. It is out of print, possibly in the late 80s, since at one time I somehow was able to research it.

The story follows around a little girl, with a ponytail or pigtails who wears an animal swim tube around her.  She is found in the pictures behind others or in groups, and stands out, due to her wearing this tube.  Though I don’t remember, I’m guessing the story would have taken place in summer.

I’m sorry I remember so little about this book.  My mom and I both remember reading it countless times in the library when I was young (probably early to mid 70’s)

283E: Martian or Moon dweller, visits earth

I’m looking for a vaguely remembered children’s book. It’s a picture book. I can’t reconstruct the whole plot but it had the following elements:

– EITHER a martian, extra-terrestrial or man-in-the-moon visiting earth, OR a boy that wants to fly to space. The former is more likely.

– This protagonist is reminded of his planet or the moon or the sun by seeing a balloon, and maybe also other round objects throughout the book.

– There is definitely a scene, towards the end of the book, where the protagonist walks back to his space vessel in the evening sun or moon.

– I remember the book had a melancholic feel. Maybe the protagonist is homesick or something. It was NOT a spectacular book on space travel. The martian is not scary, but cute and a little sad.

– It must predate 1983, possibly a book from much earlier (60s?) that my mother purchased at a library that got rid of old books.

283A: Boxed set of illustrated fairy tales (Solved)

I am looking for a boxed set of wonderfully illustrated fairy tales from the 1970s.

This was given to me in 1974 or 1975 by my grandparents.

The books were huge, maybe 11×14, and contained 3-4 stories in each. The set must have had at least 10-12 books. They were covered in a hard cloth-cardboard, thin, no more than a half-inch thick, and in pastel colors of blue, pink, yellow, orange.

There was a distinctive, oblong sun logo or emblem on each book but not sure if that was the publisher’s. They may have been from Reader’s Digest or Random House. I think they were mail order.

The stories I remember were Sleeping Beauty, Thumbelina (this was my favorite because of a sweet picture of Thumbelina nursing the Bird), The Brave Tin Soldier though there were many, many more. I think it was a mix of authors, not just one.

The last time I had the set was in 1992 in Ithaca, NY.

282J: Quiet cozy things to do

Small late 60’s/early 70s children’s book- I ‘think’ it was about quiet cozy things to do, but I especially remember a picture of a snail outside in a light rain by pebbles and I think an upside down pail in one picture. I’m pretty sure it was watercolor illustrations. Sorry so vague I was quite little and my grandmother used to look at the book with me.

282D: Hen with a messy house

Sometime in the 1960’s I read a folk tale about a little hen who’s house was a mess so she never got anything done. She decided to go to the wise man in the next village to ask for advice the next day. When she got up in the morning she couldn’t find her shoes and spent all morning looking for them. When she found them she put them by her bed for the next day, when she would try again. On day two she had her shoes but couldn’t find her skillet to cook breakfast, so she hunted all morning until she found it, then washed it and left it on the stove for the next day…

She finally realizes the solution to her problem and spends the day cleaning her house instead of going to the village.

For some reason this stuck with me as a kid and I’d like to find the story again.

281A: Amazingly illustrated pirate story starts with abducted boy

I have been looking for some time for this illustrated children’s book I read as a child around 1974-77 in Australia. It is the story of a boy playing on an old dinghy on the beach when they are kidnapped by pirates and go on amazing adventures. The boy (or boy and girls) is playing in an upturned dinghy on a beach when he is abducted and taken to the pirate ship, he witnesses pirate battles and then gets included in their adventures. The boy becomes part of the pirates. They may visit the odd strange land or Island (I’m recalling tree houses, maybe African colours themes), they use bell helmets to go under water, they find treasure, they take the boy home.  The most notable thing about the book is the incredible double page illustrations with rich rich detail and colour. The pirate characters are diverse and hilarious creations – themselves a very strong feature of the book. First page might be looking down on the beach from the top of the escarpment at the north end of the beach (if the coast faces East). Next we see him on the beach with the upturned dinghy with a big hole in it. There are loads of crabs and other creatures to see. A few pages later in the battle scene I recall the boy peeks out from below decks – he’s not a pirate yet. In the underwater scene I recall they wear old fashioned bell helmets with air lines leading back up to the ship, and there are many amazing creatures like giant squid/octopus. The treasure scene I recall amazing jewels and one of the pirates has a ring on the end of his beard.

My guess is it’s hardcover.

The illustrations cover double page spreads.

There is minimal text or possibly no text at all.

It’s written in English.

Hopefully you can help.