319L: Short story sci-fi, mutants compete to cause most suffering

From 70s or 80s.  Group of normal seeming people can influence others to violence.  Once a year they get together with scrapbooks and show how much war and death they have caused.  The worst one “wins.”  Protagonist is one of them but tired of hurting and killing.  She refuses to use her powers.  They gang up on her and the new contest is who can eliminate her.  Her trusted butler tries to kill her under their influence.  Sorry, I know this one is kind of a downer.

319K: Daughter of Veterinarian helps rescue hoarded animals

Paperback, probably from Scholastic in mid-70s.  The veterinarian’s daughter helps rescue a trailer of hoarded animals.  Her father’s girlfriend helps and gets completely overwhelmed by the suffering, which makes the girl like her more.  The girl refers to herself as an iron hand in a wool mitten.  She dates a boy who likes Bartok.  Any help appreciated.

319J: Brother And Sister Confront Scary Beings

I am looking for a book with two main characters, a brother and sister, and the sister is named Lorna. I forget the brother’s name. I’m pretty sure it was a scary or mystery book about a witch or ghosts. Would have read it in the early 80s which means it could have been published in the 70s. Not much to go on but hoping you can help!

318Z: Monsters In The Piano

The title, actually the subtitle, was something like "OR, The Things in [girl's name, I think it might have been Susan]'s Piano."  It was about a girl who was bad at playing the piano, maybe willfully from refusing to practice, and inside the piano were monsters who were hurt or injured or horrified or angry or something, by her bad playing.  They may have been musical notes come to life.  It was a picture book in my elementary school library, so it was published before 1982.  Probably in the 70s.  It was sort of psychedelic and the characters were almost ugly, deliberately so.  I remember lots of teeth in big mouths.

318T: A Runaway Train and a Human Cannonball, Plus More

The book is a collection of short stories, documentaries, and possibly some poetry and such.  I remember stories about a runaway train, a human cannonball and possibly some sort of road trip.  I think there was a board game printed in the middle of the book that related to one of the other stories.  There were black and white photographs of the human cannonball performers, and they talked about knowing lots of languages and sometimes switching languages mid sentence.  I remember it having a blue cover but that may not be very applicable.
I know it was published before 1980 and probably before 1970 or possibly even in the 60s.

318O: Teenage Boy Won’t Stop Growing

The title is something along the lines of “what do we do/are we going to do about (insert name)” or “the (insert name) family.”   It’s a hardcover illustrated book published around the late 1960s to early 1970s about a teenage boy in a large family who keeps growing and growing, and eventually outgrows his bed, his shoes, his clothes. The family I think was modeled after the TV classic ‘The Waltons’, and the grandparents live with them. As the teenage boy grows and grows, the illustrations show family members amused by how he’s outgrowing everything. I think he even spouts a beard after awhile. I think the boy’s height eventually surpasses his father and his grandfather.

318J: Poems Teach Kids English

Seeking hardback book from the late 60's early 70's for kids, I think had a yellow cover, with poems about parts of speech like "beware the dangling participle" and a snake dangling from a tree. Probably 8 or 10 different poems for different parts of speech. Seems like one of the poems has mugwumps but I am not 100% sure. Sorry I can't remember more.

318I: Large Bird Takes Away Overbearing Woman

I am trying to remember the title and author of a children’s book.  It had pictures.  It was about a little boy with an extremely overbearing mother.  Or maybe it was about a man with an extremely overbearing wife.  At a certain point, the woman is carried off by a large bird, and then the boy (or man) has a peaceful life.
I can’t imagine what the title might have been.  So-and-so’s mother?  The bossy wife?
I read the book as a child, in the late 60’s or early 70’s.
I remember the picture of the bird carrying off the woman – she was large but got smaller and smaller as the bird flew away.

318F: 1970s/1980s Illustrated Fairytale About the Plague

I’m trying to find an illustrated storybook set in a medieval fantasy setting. It may be a children’s book but the story and theme are very morbid. I think the book was published in the late 1970s or early 1980s. The illustration style is drawn in detail and colored, possibly watercolor.

The protagonist is a young hero, possibly a prince, who is betrayed or abandoned by the woman he loves. Perhaps their courtship was called off after he performed a great deed or quest for her father?

He somehow ends up heartbroken and dying on a small island in the sea.

He stays alive by sucking the salt and tears from the tattered and faded blue or black cloak that he wears. Eventually the cloak becomes magically imbued with a toxic curse and is blown on the wind to the kingdom where his former lover lives.There it spreads a deadly plague, possibly the Black Death. I vaguely recall an image of the woman dying from the plague with birds strapped to her feet (an ineffective cure meant to ward off the plague)

Does this ring a bell for anyone?

317U: Richard Scarry Treehouse Scene

My son had a favorite Richard Scarry book from the 1970’s. I think I purchased it at a ToysRUs store around 1978 or 1979. His favorite illustration was a two page illustration of a very detailed treehouse with all the items labeled, as the author did so well. There was a kitten in a basket being hoisted up to the treehouse. The image may have been an end cap of the book. I don’t remember which of the Scarry titles it was but it was one of the hardcover oversized books. I have been searching in vain for about four years now. If I at least knew the title of the book, it would make it a bit easier to find an old copy some day.