333A: Anthology – Tiger Fable, Dog Discipline, Bake a Cake

I read this anthology of children’s literature when I was younger than 12 (I’m 29 now). These probably are not definite, and I don’t know if I would recognize the cover if I saw it, but here’s everything I can remember from it.

There was a Chinese (or some other Asian culture, possibly Indian but I think it was probably Chinese) fable about a group of village children who befriended a tiger. The village’s men chased off this tiger, and then the crops didn’t grow that year, or some similarly implied consequence ensued. I remember this story having an illustration of the children and the tiger under a tree. Or the tiger peering out from the branches of a tree.

There was also a story about a group of kids baking a cake for their babysitter, but they botched it up somehow, getting the ingredients wrong. I think that the babysitter found out about it, and was so grateful for their thoughtfulness that she bought or baked them a cake herself.

Then there was a poem about a kid explaining how he disciplines his dog with a rolled up newspaper. I also remember an illustration with a full-view of a backyard with some kids building a tree house, and there might have been a sign that said “No Girls.”

I don’t know when it was published, but the style was similar to the 40’s and 50’s style used in the “Dick and Jane” books. It might have a similar title to Good Times with Our Friends (a book by Dorothy Baruch) because I asked my Mom for it when I was a kid, and she confused the titles. I thought I’d found it when I ordered Through Golden Windows: Good Times Together, but although there were many similarities, the tiger story, dog poem and tree house picture weren’t in there.

332S: Stories About A Little Girl’s Wild Imagination

The book I’m looking for was a hardcover picture book. I can’t remember the name of the book. It was a series of short stories about a little girl and her imagination.
One story was the little girl asking her Mom what she would do if she left the door open and a bear came in and wanted to eat her. Another was what they would do if the watermelon in the backyard kept growing and got as big as the house. Another was what would her parents do if they caught a whale while fishing. Another was what would they do if it never stopped raining. And the last one I remember was one at bed time when she asked them if she was very very naughty, would they keep her and they tell her something along the lines of they would sell her to pirates to guard their castle and she asks if they would really really sell her and they said they wouldn’t sell her for all the money in the world, or the moon and the stars.
Each story was sweet and had wonderful art work. I’ve been looking for this book for years. My parents don’t even remember it! It’s got to be at least 20-25 years old.

332F: Vampire With A Toothache

I believe this was a book that had a few different stories, but there is one in particular I am remembering vividly. The characters were anthropomorphic animals I THINK. The story I remember clearly is a little vampire/Dracula with a toothache. He has one of those handkerchiefs tied around his head and his fangs are very big. He doesn't want to go to dentist but eventually he knows he has to. So he does and sees its not a big deal! PLEASE Help! I feel like I'm making this up but I remember the illustrations so clearly!


331P: The Book Of Secrets

There are many, many books out there with this particular title but the I’m looking for is very hard to find. It was written by a collection of authors such as; princes, sheikhs, masons, rulers, kings etc. between 1820 and 1920.

The subject of the book is governments; Advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses of different forms of government. Example: Democracies, communism, monarchy, democratic parliaments. It talks about different rituals, different orders like Roscicrucians, Knight Templars, etc.
Around 1500 pages
Leather bound

331O: Scary Stories, Author Visited Louisville KY Around Turn Of Millennium

I remember my family reading a collection of scary stories in our backyard around a fire. The author, a woman, visited our city (outside of Louisville, KY) to do a book reading around this time, and that’s how we discovered her book. This would have been anywhere between 1998-2003-ish. I remember very little about the plot to the individual stories, unfortunately — perhaps one about involved a tree and ribbons? It’s very possible that memory of the plot is just mushing other scary stories together… I’ve tried searching newspaper archives to see if there’s coverage of her book-signing, but so far no luck.

331C: Girl With The Ribbon

I'm looking for an illustrated children's collection of stories. The story I remember most vividly is that of a girl that always wears a ribbon around her neck (I think it was yellow), and eventually her husband removes it and her head falls off.  It is NOT from the book "In a Dark, Dark Room."  The illustrations were simple black (or blue?) and white, with pops of color (kinda similar to Robert Bright's).  The book also had a story about a young man that only had a couple hairs on his chest, and he was trying to grow more to prove that he was brave (my memory of this plot line is pretty fuzzy though).  I borrowed it from the library as a child in the 90s (I was 5ish?), and it was pretty beat up then so maybe published significantly earlier?  I attribute this book to my lifelong irrational inability of wearing anything around my neck (necklaces, scarves, turtlenecks, etc.) and would love to prove that this book exists.

330Q: Enchanted Cat Saves The Night – Short Story (Solved!)

I’m looking for a short story about an enchanted cat, that might have been in an anthology of Halloween stories, possibly published in the mid to late 60s. It might have been set in colonial times. The cat’s human companion is unaware of his magic powers until there’s a crisis in the town. The cat goes out to save the night, then comes back, drained of magic, and his last words as the glow fades from his eyes are the instructions to be sure to provide fresh cream (or was it milk?) every day. Thanks so much if you can help me find this!

330D: 70s (or earlier) science fiction short story featuring a gem in a velvet box used for time travel or teleportation

I am trying to track down a science fiction story that I read in the mid-1970s and vaguely remember. This was a short story that was in a compilation book in my school library. The details that I remember are at the beginning of the story. There is a small velvet box with a gem fixed inside of it (possibly an opal or pearl). I believe that there are two characters, a brother and a sister. There is some interaction where the characters are sitting on a park bench examining the velvet box. I believe that the box is used for either time travel or transportation. There may also be a mysterious stranger that guides the characters through the use of the box. I don’t have much more recollection of the story, but please feel free to ask any clarifying questions and I’ll try to assist. Much appreciated!