349Y: Boy wants a sled for Christmas, but doesn’t get it

I’m looking for a children’s picture book. It’s about a boy and his mother. Christmas is getting close. As they go about their days, they frequently pass by a store window, where the boy sees a sled he wants. I think it’s a red Radio Flyer type steel sled with rails. He wants it really badly. The story builds toward Christmas, but on Christmas morning he doesn’t get the sled he wanted. I think there may be some other, cheaper, sled under the tree. But it’s not the one from the window. I feel like it implied that the single mother just couldn’t afford it. I remember it being a sad book. This book always used to make my mom cry when she read it to us. Things have improved for us all now, and I’d love to find her this memory.

349K: Silver Bells

My sister and I remember reading a book in the 90s that was word for word the lyrics to silver bells. It had photos that matched the lyrics – I remember the city sidewalks / busy sidewalks dressed in holiday style page was a snowy city street, darker outside, I believe with wreaths and other Christmas decor around town. I believe the whole song was printed out on the last page. It was a larger book, maybe 12” x 6” in size. Darker cover, hardback.

335I: Fantastical Christmas sound effect book

I am looking for the title of a children’s Christmas book which had sound effect buttons down one side which you could press. This book was a Christmas favourite of ours as children in the 1990’s, and was likely either an English or possibly American book, sent over by relatives living there at the time (posting from the UK).
The book listed various fantastical Christmas themed items, possibly describing a Christmas wish list, or remembering things from an (imaginary) Christmas walk or dream? The bits we can remember are:
  • Magic shoes for walking on a beam of light
  • A magic ride on Santa’s sleigh
  • Pirates treasure and a gold doubloon

I think the items repeated on each page with one being added each time. The last line of each section was “white snow, bright snow, icy cold starlit snow”.

Can anyone else remember this book, or shed any light on the title?

335B: Christmas Mice Named After Spices (Solved!)

This is a Christmas book and it follows three mice who are brothers. They're named after spices (if my memory serves me correctly, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and Ginger). They're trying to find a Christmas present for their mother and she sings them a lullaby. This is all of the information that I can remember, but I am a senior in high school and I read it roughly 10 years ago.

325N: Children’s book of holiday stories from 60’s/70’s?

I was born in the late 70’s and my mom would read to me a used children’s book of holiday stories with anthropomorphic characters. I remember an owl (or maybe a family of owls); a mouse that ate paste in the Valentine’s story; a Halloween story and a Christmas story. I seem to remember the cover was orange and the illustrations were in black & white with a dash of orange. The illustrations were definitely done in the unique style of the late ’60s/early ’70s. Any ideas? Thanks!

321U: Boy Finds Christmas Tree

This story is about a boy who doesn’t have a tree on Christmas Eve. A man is driving around selling them in his truck but mom says they’re too expensive. So he sets out in the woods to cut down his own tree and ends up at a man and woman’s house where people are stealing trees off their property. One the people learn why the boy is out there and they give him a tree and bring him home via sled. I also remember him laying out Christmas lights at the beginning and someone telling him colored lights are not festive.