250A: A Long Lost Christmas Book (Solved)

Greetings from upstate New York!
I hope you can help me identify and find a book I had as a child.
I do not know the title or what the cover looked like because my copy was missing the cover. But here are the facts as I remember them:

I was born in 1960, so this book had to be late 50’s early – mid 60’s
It was a Christmas book – containing many different stories/legends from the birth of Christ to the real Saint Nicholas to Christmas legends like the Christmas Spider
It was a large, oversized book, say 12″ x 18″ ish. It was not a thick book.

What was so great about it was the artwork – very beautiful renderings – not cartoony or modernish, more like realistic paintings. So the art was appealing for even adults, but the stories were short, maybe one or two per page. If I had to guess, I would say the art style was something similar to this picture below.


As a child, the images I remembered the most was the story of St. Nicholas paying the dowries of three poor women. They were all sleeping in a bed and he threw a bag of gold in through the window.
There was also a story of this flying ( but I don’t remember it with wings!), hairy, red-eyed beast with sharp tusks/teeth, but I can’t remember the story. LOL – I don’t think it was Krampus, because it was more like an animal (wolfish) than a human devil guy.
Another feature was the rich colors of the end papers. Like a renaissance fabric pattern. I think red with a little blue and gold in a repeating diamond pattern, I think – it has been a long time since the book was lost or given away.

So I know these are a lot of random details – I wish I had the title and publisher, but maybe you can help me – my desire is to purchase a replacement copy to pass on to future grandkids.

190C: Girl starts Babysitting to Buy Christmas Presents (Solves)

I’m looking for a book I enjoyed as a child around 1995, although I believe it was published well before then, probably around the 50s. It is about a girl who starts her own babysitting business because she wants to buy Christmas presents for her family. It details her escapes with the children along the way…she eventually gets her mother a set of orange (or maybe apricot?) scented bath products…bubble bath etc. Can you help with this? I’d so love to have this book for the holidays.

178H: Children’s Christmas book about animals helping Santa deliver presents.

I unfortunately do not remember the name or author of this book. I received it for a Christmas present as a child probably between 1955 – 1957. The book was about Santa Claus delivering presents on Christmas Eve. He stops in the forest for a break to eat the sandwiches and coffee that Mrs. Claus packed for him. He sits under a tree to eat and falls asleep. The animals in the forest find him asleep and decide not to wake him – but to deliver the presents for him. The large animals take the bigger gifts and the small animals the smaller ones. My favorite part of the book was the skunk – being too small to climb to the roof to deliver his present, leaves it at the front door. There was even a picture of him doing this. There are illustrations on each page. My memory of the title was “The Animals Christmas”, but I have never been able to find this book by this name. At the time I received this book I lived in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It was given to me by my grandmother and she would have purchased it in a local store.