325N: Children’s book of holiday stories from 60’s/70’s?

I was born in the late 70’s and my mom would read to me a used children’s book of holiday stories with anthropomorphic characters. I remember an owl (or maybe a family of owls); a mouse that ate paste in the Valentine’s story; a Halloween story and a Christmas story. I seem to remember the cover was orange and the illustrations were in black & white with a dash of orange. The illustrations were definitely done in the unique style of the late ’60s/early ’70s. Any ideas? Thanks!

321U: Boy Finds Christmas Tree

This story is about a boy who doesn’t have a tree on Christmas Eve. A man is driving around selling them in his truck but mom says they’re too expensive. So he sets out in the woods to cut down his own tree and ends up at a man and woman’s house where people are stealing trees off their property. One the people learn why the boy is out there and they give him a tree and bring him home via sled. I also remember him laying out Christmas lights at the beginning and someone telling him colored lights are not festive. 

320S: Owl Tells True Story Of Christmas

Hello, I am looking for a Christmas book from when I was a child. The story is about a brother and sister staying at their grandparents for Christmas. The girl is spoiled and when she doesn’t get what she wants for Christmas, she throws a tantrum and walks out of the house. She walks to a barn where she hears voices, she looks inside and sees an owl telling the barn animals the true story of Christmas, and when they see her, they invite her to come in and hear the story. The book cover is bright electric blue with barn animals and star on one side and then a house decorated on the other. Thank you so much for your help!

318C: Christmas Eve Tree

Story of a tree outside a little boy’s window that was to be cut down and brought into the house for a Christmas tree. The little animal inhabitants were told they had to vacate the tree by Christmas Eve. When the time came to cut the tree, the animals had completely decorated the tree.

313A: Christmas Cat (Solved)

The book was older, around in the 80’s/90’s, maybe older than that. It was a children’s Christmas Story of an old man who lived alone. He was known as a grumpy old man. A strange cat came to visit him everyday before Christmas and everyday he would angrily make the cat leave. On the final day (Christmas maybe?) something happened  (a memory of a loved one or something?) he was overjoyed with the cat for some reason and he let him stay. The story ended with him loving the cat and it being the best gift he had ever received. The title seems like it was “Mr. Mcdoogal’s Best Christmas Ever” or something similar. I feel strongly that the old man went by Mr. Something that starts with an “m”. The central theme was how angry/grumpy the lonely old man was and how his anger grew everyday the cat showed up until something changed and he loved the cat suddenly. Maybe the cat stopped coming for a while and it made him realize how he had grown fond of the cats visits and he was overjoyed when he returned?