295P: Castaway Kid

I read this children’s book as a boy in 5th grade (1953-54), age 9 or 10. It was dreamy & (to me) “romantic,” an adventure, I think, and involved being marooned on an island or shore. Submarine may have been involved. Cover picture showed view toward the sea through a break in the tropical vegetation, from what seemed like a hiding place.

295M: Roommates bond (Solved)

I read a book as a young teenager in the late 1950s entitled Roommates; it was about two girls who bonded as roommates. The book was touching and so poignant that I realized the potency of literature then. I believe the first name of the author may have been Rosemary. I probably borrowed the book from the Brooklyn Public Library.


294K: Cut-out model airplanes

I do not know the title or author of this book.  The cut-out “book” came out sometime around 1940-1945, I believe.  It was about 8 1/2″ by 11″, possibly bigger, and perhaps 3/8″ thick.  The book contained cut-out WWII era airplanes in full color, perhaps two pagers per plane.  When assembled they had a 3D presentation e.g. the fuselages were cylindrical and the wings’ surfaces were curved.  They were not intended to be “flown” like a glider.  They were surprisingly realistic when assembled.

293V: A little zebra gets lost

I am writing a memoir and am trying desperately to identify a children’s picture book that would have been published around 1948 – 1953.  It is a story about a little zebra that gets lost.  The only vivid image of it I remember is the little zebra encountering a senior Zebra who was wearing reading glasses on his nose.  The elderly zebra helps the little one find his mother (I think).

I do not remember the title except that I’m sure Zebra was in the title.  It is a picture book.

292Y: And The Sun Came Up

My grandfather read this book to me over and over, probably around the early 1950s, so it may have been published as early as the 1930s. It was a children’s picture book, and all I can remember is the last page read, “And The Sun Came Up.” That phrase was most probably used throughout the book.  I loved it and have looked for it all these years, at antiques stores, rummage sales, etc. I would love to know the title and see if it is still around somewhere, so I can read it to my own grandchildren.

292X: Animals he could make small and take home

I have no idea about the title of this book. It is one I read (and owned) in my childhood. I think it was sent as part of my subscription to a children’s book club–perhaps Children’s Literary Guild. Probably I encountered it between 1940 and 1946. Plot was about a child–I think a boy–living rural, who went to a visiting circus. There he encountered animals who he could somehow make small and take home with him.

292S: Numbers who get angry

This is a book from my childhood that I have thought and talked about often.

The year was 1949-52.  Not sure!

The book had several short “stories” for young children.  The one I keep remembering was a story about how letters/numbers became upset when they were written backwards!  For example, the #3 was hurt or angry when a child wrote it backward.  He wanted to be written correctly. The numbers we’re living and capable of feelings.  Any thoughts/ideas?!?!

Thank you!

292H: The Weiry Wax

I am looking for  a children’s book . . .

Title:      (not sure)     The Weiry Wax         Alternate spellings: Wiery, Weary       Wacks

Approx publication dates:   older! I read it sometime between 1945 and 1950. It could have been a 1930s publication. I’m born 1941. Been seeking this book for 60+ years, for my grandchildren, and myself. Contemporaneous with PING, the Chinese duck and the junk boatman.  I mean, I was reading these books at roughly same time. Also that Brownie book, of 1930s or ’40s.  Barbar….that era.

Description:  children’s book, roughly that picture book format/size, glossy cover, with the 30  or so pages of text and  art.

The main characters, I believe on the cover, were the Weiry Wax  (or ___ Wacks, or Weary ___), but I think the spelling was like a ‘weir’ (low dam) They were roundish, something like a mummer meets a sea urchin. Black.  A coal-black snowball, with spines.

I’m reminded of them whenever I see the soot sprites in Miyazaki’s TOTORO–the little black dust balls. These guys were bigger than that, but not more than knee or waist high on a child.

I can’t remember the other characters….was there a human? don’t know. It’s just that the Weiry Wax themselves scared me mucho, but they weren’t too evil, I think, and I came to be fond of them. Wanted one for a pet.  (They may have been dreadful: I was a weird kid, only child, active imagination.)  Pretty sure they had eyes, like the Miyazaki sprites, and not much else.  Stubby legs/feet maybe. Like a Shmoo, but definitely in the dark part of any shmoo universe. I don’t think they were there to help.  Guess they lived in a forest. They might have carried a staff or spear, ergo hands/arms.