266A: Boy shares his cookies

This book (which seemed old when my grandmother read it to me in the 1960’s) was about a little boy who had a bag of cookies that he gave away one-by-one on his walk home leaving one for himself when he arrived home. I’m confident the postman got one.

4 thoughts on “266A: Boy shares his cookies

  1. I read this story in my grade school reader in the midsixties. I know that’s not much help but perhaps it will narrow it down a bit in your search. I’d love to read that story once again myself. Good luck in your search.

  2. I have this book! It is called “The Happy Birthday Present.. It is a Wonder Book published in 1951, by Barbara Bates. At least I think this is the one you are looking for. A little boy, Kenny, goes looking for work with his red wheelbarrow so that he can get a birthday present for his mother. He does odd jobs, filling his wheelbarrow with things: twigs, sand, etc that the next person he meets can use. A woman gives him a bag of pretzels in exchange for the twigs, but he shares the pretzels with everyone he meets, and soon they are all gone. He is sad because he has nothing to give his mother, until he spies a field full of wild flowers, which he picks and gives to his mother as her birthday present.

  3. Sadly, the book is not The Happy Birthday Present by Barbara Bates. Many of the details are different. The boy shares a bag of cookies not pretzels and he gives them away one by one to various people he meets such as the postman, the milkman, etc. when he arrives home he has only one cookie left but it is his favorite kind! In the book by Barbara Bates Kenny keeps trading for various things in his wheelbarrow and finally has wild flowers for his mother. Both are good stories but the search continues…….

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