301A: The pups get into several cans of paint

Hello! I am so hoping you can help me find an old children's book. Unfortunately I don't have a title....so I know I'm asking a lot.

The description of the book is about two dogs – one big (brown?) dog and one a small (black/multicolored?) dog. The book cover is hardcover, white background with the two dogs on it and several cans of paint. The story is about these two pups getting into several cans of colorful paint, painting paw prints all over the walls (and themselves).

It was my favorite book – I read it over and over as a child. I thought I had saved it but have been unable to find it in my moving boxes from over the years.

Estimated date of the book would be early 1970’s.

6 thoughts on “301A: The pups get into several cans of paint

    • Thanks so much for the suggestion, but it was dogs for sure. I can picture it in my head but can’t find it anywhere! I appreciate you helping me try to locate it – thanks again.

    • Thank you so much for the idea – I got really exciting thinking that might be it, but unfortunately it’s not the same book. Looks very cute though. Thanks again for trying to help me find it.

  1. 2 ideas. Marley Messy Dog. Only 1 dog though.
    Pokey little Puppy’s naughty day. Not sure if there is a part specifically about paint though, but i remember tmliking this book from childhood

    • Oh my gosh, Marley Messy Dog looks exactly like the cover, just missing one dog! I’m going to get it anyway as it is close to what I’m looking for. I can’t thank you enough, Nicole!!

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