301M: Underground tunnels that might have had ghosts

I’m looking for a scary novel I read back in the 80’s.  I used to read a lot of King, but it’s not one of his.  It was a book about some underground tunnels that might have had ghosts.  I think that it may have been some young children that were at a relative’s home.

I know that doesn’t help much, but any help would be appreciated!

6 thoughts on “301M: Underground tunnels that might have had ghosts

  1. Possibly “The House on Parchment Street” by Patricia McKillip? It’s YA, set in England, about an American girl visiting relatives. She and her cousin both see ghosts in the cellar and eventually uncover an old (over 300 years) tunnel leading to the nearby church. The ghosts are a Puritan soldier (from the English Civil War era) and a young Royalist girl, the sister of a fugitive priest. She had been helping him escape when he died in the tunnel. Between the plot, the spooky illustrations and the evocative writing, I was very sorry I had picked a night when I was alone to read it for the first time!

  2. Could it be Earthfasts by William Mayne? There’s a tunnel and a sort-of ghost. I don’t remember a lot about it now, but I remember finding it very creepy.

  3. Jane Louise Curry’s Beneath the Hill? It’s the first volume of a trilogy, so if that’s not it, perhaps it was one of the others?

  4. If it was at an ancient mansion in France and involved a 14th or 15th century tapestry and a set of twins from the past it’s “A Dream of Ghosts,” by Frank Bonham.

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