301Y: This is not the Laura Ingalls Wilder story

The book I am looking for is one I checked out from the Louisville free  public library in the 1960s.

The story  was about a family moving west in a covered wagon. (This is not the Laura Ingalls Wilder story)

The family faced hardships and trials. It was a children’s chapter book with an orange cover that I believe had a covered wagon on the cover.

I know chimney rock was mentioned as a landmark in the book. I have looked many times for this book and would like to read it again. In contrast to the little house books, it was a bit more graphic, mentioning things like animal skeletons and tombstones along the trail.

It was fascinating and dramatic. I know this is vague, but would truly appreciate if you could find it. It has been gone from LFPL for many, many years.

8 thoughts on “301Y: This is not the Laura Ingalls Wilder story

    • My library’s copy of Children of the Covered Wagon was orange. They also made a Disney movie of the book, starring Fess Parker. I wonder if there was a movie adaptation…

  1. Could it be “Seven Alone: The Journey Of The Sager Children By Covered Wagon From Missouri To Oregon In 1848” by Honore Willsie Morrow?
    One of the older versions has a cover with a lot of orange on it, the mountains surrounding the trail, and there is a couple tiny covered wagons pictured on the trail. I found it on Goodreads.

  2. There’s an Armstrong Sperry book called Wagons Westward that also has an orange-ish cover. I never read it, but I can clearly see the cover in my mind!

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