305H: Fairy tales with white horse on cover

I had this book of fairy tales in the early ’60s. I has a white horse on the cover, with a man on the horse and a woman standing on the ground. I sure hope you can find it.  Thank you.

5 thoughts on “305H: Fairy tales with white horse on cover

  1. I looked up the book, and that isn’t it. The stories weren’t related to each other. I have a vague recollection about them being from a different country, though.

  2. Is it “French Folk and Fairy Tales” by Roland Gant and illustrated by Portia Takakjian? It’s a collection of tales from many lands and has a cover much like your description.

  3. If it is a large book and the horse is rearing up, it might be a book I used to have with a title like “Scandinavian Fairy Tales”.

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