306O: Crushed Toys (Solved)

Hello, I remember a set of books (we had 2 but there may have more to the set) they where hard back and about 2in thick. Plain cover with no illustrations, short stories with just a title on the cover. Each story was about 10-15 pages long and had a illustration at the beginning of the story. I remember one illustration with a car that was 1950’s looking. One story was about a kid leaving his toys (toy cars maybe) in the driveway and dad came home and ran them over. I really don’t remember any other stories from the books. I think the covers where dark blue or grey. The stories where life lessons and not really fantasy, no talking birds or stuff like that, as far as I remember.

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  1. This is Tommy’s Trucks by Arthur Maxwell (Uncle Arthur). It appears in the collected volume called Story Book ISBN 0828005397 I am not sure what volume it was originally in (there are a lot) but you can read a bit of the story in the collected volume on the google books site to confirm it’s the right one.

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