308V: Haunted Houses in New England

These were several books by the same author, but not a series.  My 7th grade school librarian introduced me to the author.  This would have been around 1985-86.  The books all dealt with old, haunted houses in New England.  One had a creepy basement with a dirt floor, and bodies buried under it.  Another had a person look out a third story window to see a face looking back, and knew it was a ghost.  These books felt very grown up to me at the time, but were definitely Young Adult.  They were eerie and moody, but not Stephen King scary.  It was a woman author, and the covers usually had an old house in silhouette. I’d love to revisit this author, as I read all of the books in our school library over and over.  Some faint memory says the authors name might have been Barbara something……

One thought on “308V: Haunted Houses in New England

  1. Stab in the dark, but maybe Barbara Michaels? She wrote lots of books in the 80s with a gothic vibe. Though if you look up her books, I’m pretty sure the covers were updated at some point.

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