312A: Jeremy Rabbit (Solved)

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I’m looking for a small children’s book (like a Golden book but I don’t remember if it is a Golden Book). It may have been titled “The Animals’ Christmas” or “The Christmas Star”, or something else.
The main character is Jeremy Rabbit. There is also a squirrel. They decorate a snowy forest fur tree for Christmas. The squirrel says to “Look up! Look up!” to see that a star from the sky has settled in the top branch of the tree.

I read this book to my sons Jeremey and Justin (I called the squirrel “Justin Squirrel) when they were young. Jeremey was killed awhile back and I’d love to find this book for his daughters.
Thank you for any help you can offer.

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  1. This is a Wonder Book by Ann Scott. How the rabbits found Christmas. (1961)

    When Jeremy Rabbit finds out that he can read, he shows his family but they are not impressed as they say reading doesn’t change anything. But when he reads them about Christmas, they decide that DOES change things & proceed to decorate a tree with red berries and snow and the evening star alights the top

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