322T: Hardback Children’s Classic Horror Anthology

The book I’m seeking would have been published no later than the summer of 1981, which is when I read it. Most likely it was published in the mid- to late seventies. It was a large hardback anthology of horror stories for children. It contained a number of tales by Poe as well as an abridged and rewritten version of Stoker’s “Dracula,” which took up a big chunk of the entire volume. (The Poe stories may have been rewritten too; I don’t recall.) It was illustrated with black and white art throughout, and my memory tells me that the monochrome art was accented with at least one spot color: green or purple. It may even have been both green *and* purple. Anyone remember this book?

2 thoughts on “322T: Hardback Children’s Classic Horror Anthology

  1. Could it have been one of the Alfred Hitchcock titles? Alfred Hitchcock’s Ghostly Gallery, Alfred Hitchcock’s Monster Museum…there were several other titles as well. I always associated them with The Three Investigators; I think because they were collected and edited by Robert Arthur, one of the authors of those books.

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