323R: Teen Girl Loves Horse But Cannot Ride After Accident

Ya fiction series with a horse, rich girl has an accident and can't ride. Her rich grandmother buys her a brand new Datsun (car), so she's at least 16 or 17, set in the 70s or 80s, published during that period. I think she was nasty to a few girls and tries to make up for it after the accident. I think she may have been in a coma. Her boyfriend might have cheated as well. I think it had a yellow cover with the old style oval centre that contained the image. I think she had a rich sounding name, Courtney or something but I'm not 100% on that. The horse accident was bad and she desperately loved her horse but was too afraid to ride it. I read this series in the late 80s, early 90s, but my sister threw them out before I could finish them. I never forgave my sister, who dares throw out a book? The books were paperback, they had maybe 100 to 150 pages, so not very thick. From the content, I think they were targeted towards ages 16 and up. I think the girl went to college as well. Her grandmother was some type of business woman.

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  1. I think this sounds like “Afraid to Ride” by CW Anderson; it’s the right length and had a yellow cover. Description: “Fearful of riding a horse after a fall which broke her leg, Judy’s interest in horses is renewed by Mr Jeffers who has her help him rehabilitate a mishandled horse. Judy’s work with the horse brings them both glory when they win the Challenge Hunt Cup at the country club.”

  2. If you’re maybe confusing some details, it could be the Caitlin series by Francine Pascal. She had a rich grandmother and a horse and was mean to some people, although I am not sure if there was a horse riding accident or not.

  3. I also think it could be the “Caitlin” series by Francine Pascal. There were 3 separate “series-within-a-series” including the Love Trilogy, the Promise Trilogy and the Forever Trilogy (post-college years). The first “Caitlin” book (part of the Love Trilogy), called “Loving,” features Caitlin’s face on the cover with smaller images of horses at the bottom. There is a character who has a serious accident, but I am not sure if it happens in “Loving” or in the book that follows, called “Love Lost”. The books are paperback as you described. The 3 books in the Love Trilogy series were published in 1985. The cover that you described sounds exactly like the covers of the “Sweet Valley High” series of the same time period, also by author Francine Pascal.

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