332M: “Throw the Handkerchief” and Other Romantic Stories (Solved!)

Looking for a young adult romance series, published circa 1950-1965. Young women find love in various times and places: the Netherlands, roundheads and cavaliers in England, and more. Very innocent. I remember the phrase "throw the handkerchief" as a proposal.

3 thoughts on “332M: “Throw the Handkerchief” and Other Romantic Stories (Solved!)

  1. Gladys Malvern wrote books like that, including JONICA’S ISLAND, set in New Amsterdam and which certainly included the handkerchief. They weren’t a series specifically, but check her titles on Goodreads to see whether anything looks right.

    Sally Watson wrote a family chronicle stretching from Elizabethan England (Shakespeare’s theater is the background) to the American Revolution. Most of those titles are available through Image Cascade and also on Amazon.

    • Yes, yes, and yes!!!!! Thank you so much, Ann! I found both books on Goodreads, plus others I remembered when I saw the titles, plus titles I had never read. Gladys Malvern is the author. I now have a serious amount of reading to do. I read these books more than fifty years ago and over the past few decades I’ve been thinking about them every now and then. I’m astonished that someone else read and remembered these books and astonished that someone responded so quickly to my request. Thank you again; you’ve given me happiness! AND a big “thank you” to Stump The Book!

      • Glad these were the ones you remember! My cousin is still a big Sally Watson fan and mournfully told me how expensive her library discards were. Then came Image Cascade’s reprints and I gave her all of them for Christmas that year — I can still hear her dumbfounded, “MISTRESS MALAPERT?!!!”

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