336A: Romance Doesn’t End Well For Hero’s Mother

This is a historical romance book that I read before the year 2012.

It starts off with the hero and heroine in love, young and engaged. They are already having sexual encounters. They have a place where they meet up at on his estate.

The heroine goes there waiting for him, but then a worker from the estate comes on to her and tries kissing her. She starts laughing and giggling because the whole situation seems absurd to her...but when the  Hero arrives he doesn’t find it funny and just automatically assumes that she has been cheating on him. He walks out and refuses to listen to her. He then leaves. And his mom calls a coach to take her home and the engagement is ended....

Then years later they see each other at a weekend house party, where all the guests are staying there. He’s extremely cold to her but still attracted to her. There’s a closet scene. I vaguely remember it.

Then his mom conspires with another man at the house party to compromise the heroine forever, as she sees that her son is falling back in love with her.

When the hero’s mom tries to expose the heroine with the other man, she opens a door and yells dramatically...it ends up being the hero and heroine in bed. So it back fired.

I don’t remember the rest. But I’d love to find and read this book again. Please help!! Thank you

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