338H: English girl falls in love with the boy next door, eventually (Solved!)

I have been searching for a book I remembered for years and then I heard about you guys. I have no idea if you can help me because it isn’t a children’s book, but it’s worth a chance. It’s from before 2006 because I read it when I was in high school (wow!) from the library.
I believe it is set in England. The main character is a girl and she is friends with the boy next door since they were little kids. She goes to prom with a guy, has sex and ends up getting pregnant. I think she continues to live with her parents after she has the baby, which is a girl. Her friend ends up needing to move to America. They stay in contact over email. Some of the book has the reader read their conversation like an email.
Her dream is to manage a hotel one day and after working her way up the ladder, she does. I remember her describing how the chandelier looked in the hotel and how elegant and beautiful it was. Eventually, she realizes she loves the boy (now a man) next door. He has a child with someone and it was a boy. I think at the end of the book he moves back to England and their children become friends or something and I am pretty sure they end up professing their love for one another.
I look forward to seeing if you can find the book. It’s the last one from my childhood I couldn’t remember that I can’t get out of my head.

4 thoughts on “338H: English girl falls in love with the boy next door, eventually (Solved!)

  1. OH MY GOSH GUYS! THIS IS IT! You honestly have NO IDEA how long I have been trying to look for this book. Like, over 10 years (I read it in high school)! Thank you so much. I think it’s also super cool that I had Love, Rosie (the movie) in my to-watch list so I was probably going to figure it out eventually. So cool! Thank you everyone. I really appreciate it.

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