290T: The colours mix and all is well (Solved)

A book bought in late 70s Australia (possibly UK published) picture book about a kingdom in black & white & wizard. Under the direction from the king who decides to make it colourful,  first turns blue and everyone is miserable, then red and everyone is angry, then yellow everyone becomes ill. Eventually the magic goes crazy and the colours mix to give full pallet and all ends well.


289N: A kitchen full of copper pots boiling strawberry jam

Bethany, bethanyboster@yahoo.com

Seven years ago my (then) four year old daughter fell in love with a book from the library about colors.  She is now 11 and a budding artist. I would love to find this book for her. The details I remember are sparse but do make this book a standout:

gorgeous illustrations – no cartoon characters or paint blobs. One particular illustration stands out; on the pages that discuss red, they compare that color to a bright warm kitchen full of copper pots boiling strawberry jam.

text – the words were beautiful and evocative, not your run of the mill, “The tree is green.” With each color they created a detailed scene (both verbally and pictorially) to help the reader feel the color.

As I recall, they did all the colors of the rainbow, so words like “rainbow,” “prism” or “color” are likely candidates for the title.