340H: Quakers, Spelling, and Psalm 46:4

I have never actually read this book.  I’m looking for a book that my mom read as a child and could never find again.
She said it was in her school library, so to be generous, she probably read it sometime between 1964 and 1978.  She didn’t remember if it was new when she read it. 
She said it was children’s historical fiction which took place in Cromwell’s England, so 17th century. She was pretty sure it involved either Quakers or Puritans, but she leaned toward Quakers. A running theme through the book was Psalm 46:4, “There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God.”

The main characters were a boy and a girl. At one point they were on the street, although I’m not sure if they were homeless or on the run. My mom said she learned a lot about street children from that time period. The girl apparently was educated enough to know how words should be spelled, but the boy thought words should be spelled however made sense to that particular person.

Sorry, I know this is pretty vague. I hope it’s enough. If anyone has any idea of what the title and author of this book could be, I would appreciate it.

338H: English girl falls in love with the boy next door, eventually (Solved!)

I have been searching for a book I remembered for years and then I heard about you guys. I have no idea if you can help me because it isn’t a children’s book, but it’s worth a chance. It’s from before 2006 because I read it when I was in high school (wow!) from the library.
I believe it is set in England. The main character is a girl and she is friends with the boy next door since they were little kids. She goes to prom with a guy, has sex and ends up getting pregnant. I think she continues to live with her parents after she has the baby, which is a girl. Her friend ends up needing to move to America. They stay in contact over email. Some of the book has the reader read their conversation like an email.
Her dream is to manage a hotel one day and after working her way up the ladder, she does. I remember her describing how the chandelier looked in the hotel and how elegant and beautiful it was. Eventually, she realizes she loves the boy (now a man) next door. He has a child with someone and it was a boy. I think at the end of the book he moves back to England and their children become friends or something and I am pretty sure they end up professing their love for one another.
I look forward to seeing if you can find the book. It’s the last one from my childhood I couldn’t remember that I can’t get out of my head.

337J: Cowboys and Indians in England

The book I’m looking for was a children’s book probably published in the 1950s, although possibly going to back to the ’20s or so (no later than the early 1960s and I’m pretty sure it belonged to one of my parents when they were children, both born in 1949). I believe it took place somewhere in England or in Europe. Our copy did not have the dust jacket so I don’t know what was on the cover other than it was a green hardback. The most distinctive feature was a neighborhood map on the inside cover, probably in orange.

The plot concerned the kids in this neighborhood. I believe there was a new family moving in from America, and the kids played cowboys and Indians and built a teepee in a front yard (I remember learning that the British word was “garden” for yard from this book). And if I remember correctly, there was something beyond the neighborhood on the map, like a meadow, forest, or some kind of land over a fence or boundary line that the kids would go over to play.
I’m a librarian and I have searched WorldCat a lot for this book, and have also contacted the Library of Congress, the NYPL and the British Library with no luck. I have a feeling that a word related to the neighborhood was in the title, something like “Street,” “Lane,” “Road,” etc. so I have searched those kinds of words a lot but nothing pops up that looks familiar. Several times I have thought that it was something like the Mulberry Street or Primrose Lane books but those don’t have the right plots. Or maybe the title had something to do with whatever the kids called their little group– maybe something American Indian related.
Thanks for your help! I don’t know why I am so fixated on this…

335W: Luton Cabbie Mystery

Mid-1990s to mid-2000’s publication date, more likely 1998-2003. Mystery novel set in Luton, England. Protagonist is black cabdriver of West Indian/Caribbean origin. Unfortunately, I can’t recall the mystery he gets involved in. I liked the author’s portrayal of an overlooked airport town, the character and the look into his culture. Although I read a lot of British mysteries, this one’s setting was unusual and the mood of it has stayed with me. I have wondered if it was part of a series or a one-off.


325F: Disappearing Girlfriend’s Sister Turns Out To Be The Missing Woman

I recently read a book, it was a “psychological thriller”.  Basically there was a guy from Ireland (calling him Shane) who had moved to England and stayed with a male friend. Shane got a girlfriend who was lost in London and he took her under his wing. They eventually went away together and on the way back, they stopped at a rest stop and he told the police she went missing while he was in the rest stop bathroom.

Shane was initially questioned as she was never found but never charged with her murder.  The London flatmate eventually suggests that they put a bench out in honor of the missing girl. The girls sister shows at this event.  Eventually Shane and the missing girl’s sister connect and become engaged.  Once it becomes announced in the paper, odd things start to happen, including the leaving of the small inside of a Russian nesting doll all over the place for Shane and fiancee to find.

Eventually, we find that the fiancee is actually the missing girl and that her sister had actually died years ago by her abusive dad in some small, hard to get to island town.

Any idea what this book is?