343C: Picture Book Where Girl builds a Necklace from Natural Objects (It’s in a Foreign Language but perhaps an English version Exists)

I’m fairly certain the illustrations are collage from painted paper, but it may just be a painting. The girl has either red hair or brown hair, she is naked. She is making a necklace with different items. She gets a gemstone or crystal in a cave. I believe she also collects a pebble, seashell and acorn but I’m not certain on those. I do not know what language the writing is in. I think it was likely German but maybe Swedish or Norwegian something Slavic or Germanic. I think that maybe fairies or gnomes give her the gemstone but that may be just something we made up since we didn’t speak the language. The things I’m certain of are is she goes into a cave, she is naked at least at some point and she is making a necklace.

321X: Fairies in the Forest

Softcover book of color photographs with fairy-lore text. That is, images are actual unmanipulated photographs but the text relates these to fairies. I am confident it is a book of photographs as well as relating at least some of the photographs to fairies. Other recollections are softer.

321R: Girl Learns Graceful Behavior From Fairy Queen

There’s a book of fiction about a girl who lives in or near a castle- I seem to remember it won an award- I think I found it at a Scholastic book fair.  This girl is somehow considered badly behaved- and she’s allowed to run wild. She is kidnapped by fairies who live in a huge underground warren (I think under a mountain) to be a servant.  They’re drugged every night with the food that she discovers if she skips, she’s more alert but struggles with claustrophobia. Because of her refusal to eat the drugged food, she catches the interest of the Queen of fairies who teaches her, mostly through humiliation, how to walk and move gracefully. She’s eventually rescued and the fairies are forced into the other world, sealing their mountain.

I can’t find this book at all- My sister claims she never read it and I looked through the books at my parents house without finding it.

299T: Fairies Tattoo Naughty Girl’s Face

I am looking for a children’s book that was a favorite of mine at my grandma’s house growing up. I’ve been searching for years trying to find what the name of this book was, with no luck. Despite it being fairies, and involving colours, it’s not Andrew Lang.  This is what I remember of it:

It was a hardbound book, blue or green cover, with embossed printing. So probably published prior to 1950s

The story revolved around a little girl who wasn’t very nice, so she is visited by a fairy who’s name is similar to “tintinnabulum” (I remember that very distinctly). This fairy caused a word to appear on the girl’s forehead (possibly the word KIND) that only the girl and the fairies could see; if the girl acted kindly, the word would fade with each kind act, for each unkind act it would grow darker.

The girl was then put in a hall with seven doors, one for each color of the rainbow- she needed to travel through each fairy realm, do deeds that would remove the word on her forehead, and find the door back to the hall. Each of the realms had something to do with the color of the door (Like, the light blue door’s realm was in the sky, and the dark blue was under water).

Eventually she goes through all the doors, the word is gone, and she gets to go back home.

290D: A fairy for every color

I am looking for a children’s book that I used to read in the late 1980’s – early 1990’s that includes multiple short stories. I remember that there was a short story near the end of the book that involved fairies and the aurora borealis. There was a fairy for every color and one dark/black fairy that would try to story the colors. Every night the color fairies would form the aurora borealis and the dark fairy would try to stop them. The story ends by saying that this repeats every night. The main focus was on the aurora borealis. Unfortunately, this is all that I remember. I do remember that the illustrations were very colorful.

I appreciate any information you might have!

287D: Dark YA book about a girl who befriends fairies

I read this book in the early 1990s, but have no idea when it was published. The details I remember are that there is a girl who is for some reason befriended by fairies. She shrinks down and goes to visit them. Maybe she’s going to become their queen or something? For some reason she ends up with this necklace made of thorns that she can’t take off. The only other thing I remember is that the fairies would feed her nectar from a flower.

263C: Fairy fantasy from the 60’s or 70’s (Solved)

I read the book around 1978-1983. It was a fantasy with a child who stayed with family and went into the woods and found a passage to a fantasy world of fairies which she ended up traveling to. The book had a title that was a play on Maestro or some other musical name. The cover of the book was brownish red with the face of one of the fairies. The face was very large and very round(side-wise oval) and with a very wide mouth. I was between 9-12 yo when I read it but this is what I remember.


261D: Fairies Kidnap Girl (Solved)

I’m looking for a children’s book that was available around 1990 (not sure if that is the publication date or not).  The story details I can remember are that a girl is either kidnapped or befriended by a fairy, and her mother tries to get her back.  When the mother finds the daughter, she is told she has to hold on to her no matter what.  The fairy then turns the daughter into different things trying to get the mother to let go (snakes, thorns, and finally hot iron).  As the mom holds on to the hot-iron version of the daughter, the metal melts and turns back into the actual girl and they can leave together.


The version of this book that I remember had gorgeous illustrations in sort of an art-nouveau/greek style.  Very detailed and beautiful.  Thank you for the help in identifying the title/author!