333D: Redheaded Girl’s Scary Witch Encounter Just a Dream

I am desperately trying to find out the title of a book I used to read to my daughter when she was little. It had to have been published before 1994. What we remember is that the main character is a little girl, maybe a redhead and/or curly haired. She may be walking through a forest and encounters a scary witch. At the end we discover that the whole thing was a dream.
The book, which we used to take out from the library, was a hard back.

329T: Medieval Adventures In The Forest – A Jester, A Shared Dream

This is a book that I started reading in 5th grade, but never finished. It must have been published in 1972 or earlier. It was wildly popular in my school library.

It was set in the Middle Ages, I think. One of the main characters was a court jester. The setting was very pastoral. Many scenes take place in a forest. There was also a situation in which several people were dreaming the same dream.

This has been haunting me for a long time. Would love  to find and finish this book. Thank you!

325Q: Forest Is A Friend

We are looking for a book I would read to my son. He was born in 1998. We think that maybe a child or animal got lost and the trees help them figure out where to go. The overall theme was a respect for how old the trees are and their value. The forest seemed to be alive and responding to the character. It was definitely night time. Definitely a children’s book that can be read in 5-8 minutes. And published prior to 2003. Thank you!!