Rosamond du Jardin

Here's a great sale on some collectible children's series books!  While I was away there was a flood in the children's book series section.  Many books were lost.  But a few seem just too good to discard.  There is damage to them, such as wrinkling dust jackets and stains to cloth covers, but these dust jackets are scarce, and there is no mildew.  And the books are certainly in readable condition, with newly applied mylar jacket protectors.  The prices are drastically reduced.  Please do consider the sample list of collectible titles below.


By Rosamond du Jardin WAIT FOR MARCY  (1st ed, 6th ptg, $9) SHOWBOAT SUMMER (no dj, $9) SENIOR PROM  ($9) A MAN FOR MARCY  (early printing, $9) DOUBLE WEDDING   (1st printing, SIGNED by author, $25) Two early printings of Hardy Boys books by Franklin W. Dixon, in original dust jackets: THE SECRET PANEL  ($9) THE TWISTED CLAW  ($9)  
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  1. Stasia says:

    She’s one of my favorite authors! I’ll try to stop in soon to see these.

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