When We Were Vikings by Andrew David MacDonald

Zelda, an orphan with high-functioning  fetal alcohol syndrome, has a list of rules she lives by to keep herself safe.  She lives with her brother, Gert, who has just recently broken up with his girlfriend, Annie (who’s called AK47 by everyone).  Gert is supposed to be going to college, but Zelda finds out that he’s not, and that he may be involved in something quite illegal, and for the first time in her life Zelda breaks the rules to discover what Gert is up to, and eventually involves AK47 in her hunt for the truth.  Zelda’s voice is charming and heartwarming— yet the reader can see the seriousness behind her voice and the situation.  As the plot ramps up, we root for Zelda and AK47, and hope that Gert learns how to deal with his demons.  Well written and a page turner, When We Were Vikings by Andrew David MacDonald is highly recommended.

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