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359E: Spooky Children’s Book (Solved!)

I remember finding this in my elementary school library and haven’t found it since. I remember that its a picture book about a man who I think is down on his luck and he hears about an offer to stay at a haunted castle for a night and win money or something. I think I remember that he was pretty like chill through the whole night? And had like bread and cheese, and a horse or mule? I absolutely loved this book and I’ve been thinking about it on and off for several years at this point and I miss it.

357B: A Rural Cat’s Life

It was published sometime before 1991.

It was the story of a cat's life, I think it was living on a farm, or generally somewhere rural. It starts when the cat was a kitten and ends when the cat is old. The book had large pages, probably 12"+ tall. The pages were mostly taken up by large drawings done in just black and white lines, like a comic book.  I think there were brief sentences at the bottom of the page, captions for the drawings.

341M: Chapter Book – Childrens’ House Floats Down River

I am looking for a children's chapter book. The plot involves children whose house is able to float and they float down a river on it. This was a chapter book from the 1970’s or 1980’s. I don’t think it was a houseboat but rather their actual house was put on a raft, but my memory could be wrong. Thank you!!

339C: Lost Maiden Wanders Castle

Looking for a peek through picture book. I owned this book as a small child in the 80’s or early 90’s at latest. My family lived in both Europe (Italy) and US, and the book had English text. The book wasn’t aged, so the printing must have been recent to the 80s.

Story: minimal text and background. A beautiful young girl is lost or just wandering in the woods. In the forest she comes upon a seemingly abandoned castle or ruin. She wanders through halls and grounds covered in vines with broken branches. She meets no one but passes a suit of armor, an owl, possibly a fancy clock (may be confusing clock with The Last Unicorn). There might be a wizard or something in the background, but not sure. The page cutouts are windows or broken walls showing part of the next page. The book has a somber, ominous tone but she finally finds a way out.

Character: Not sure if she has a name, maybe Elsa, Ilsa, Ella Beautiful maiden with dark flowing hair. Wearing a simple dress, maybe white dress. See examples: storyberries. com/fairy-tales-little-snow-white-by-brothers-grimm/ pookpress. co. uk/shop/beauty-and-the-beast-john-hassall/

Book: a gorgeous picture book with intricate cut outs or peek throughs. The top of the pages form a layered forest of trees, ruined walls and arches. Think something like A Walk Through The Woods by Louise Greig barnesandnoble. com/w/a-walk-through-the-woods-louise-greig/1127544173 Thicker pages to support the cut outs. I’d think the book was intended for 4-9 years old

Illustration style: Vintage fairy tale. Limited color palette: black hair, white dress, cream/tans/brown/gray walls, green vines and leaves I’d love to figure out this book. I had a number of well done peek through books and panorama books as a child. It doesn’t seem like there are as many of these books available today.

Hello To All My Wonderful Stumper Friends

Hello everybody,

Thanks for all of your patience and support as we have been catching up on the deluge of stumper requests sent to us while also preparing our store for the holiday season!  I am pleased to report that we are back on track to answer requests within a week of being sent.  My name is Julie and am happy to take over this page on behalf of Loganberry Books.  As a voracious reader, it makes me happy to see others find books they have been seeking for years.  On that note, I hope that everyone keeps reading all new posts and contributes where they can, to maximize the usefulness of crowdsourcing.  The more people commenting, the merrier!  I look forward to continuing to work with all of you, and if you have a question or concern please feel free to e-mail me at

Thanks everybody!

314B: Mer-Folk and a Stormy on Dance Night

The short story I am looking for was from a compilation of stories, probably a compilation of spooky stories. Not sure whether it was set in the United States or the United Kingdom. I think it was the UK.  I read it a few years ago; it was about an island that belongs to the mer-folk/ sea beings. The island lies off a coastal town which connect to the mainland via jetty/pier and build a dancehall on it. The mer-folk throw up a huge storm on a dance night and separate the island from the mainland once again. They claim back their island. There was good description of the storm and its effect on the dancers I think. I would love to read it again.

312V: Series on Playing, Gardening, etc.

My sister and I have been looking for this book series from our childhood for close to 10 years now…ever since they were lost in a flood at our mother’s house.

These were hardcover books on various subjects titled things such as Playing, Gardening, Collecting, and Cooking. Each book was a different solid color with a circular picture on the front. The artwork in the books was by various artists and the writing was instructional in nature. For instance, the Playing book would have various games divided into chapters for things such as group games, team games, games for rainy days, etc

I say they are from the 70’s but I’m really not sure. From what I remember some of the artwork was very reminiscent of the style in Per Holm Knudsen’s How Baby is Made while others remind me of the artwork of Mad Magazine’s Mort Drucker. This, of course, is coming from my memories as a young child…so I could be way off on those comparisons.

One additional thing is that while watching a video yesterday, I spotted this in the background which appears to be one of the books. I’m not 100% on that, but I figured it was worth including here.

312U: Red Ring, Right hand

This book was read to me in the mid/late 1990s, in Ohio. I believe it had a yellow cover. The girl was struggling with learning her right and left hand. She was in a parade (or maybe marching band?) and turned the wrong way from the rest of the group, and I think marched alone for a while. In order to remember it for the next time, someone gave her a red ring to wear on her right hand. Then she marched with the group the next time without issue.