337V: Society that enjoys watercress sandwiches

I read this book in six grade in the mid-80s.  I think it was a fantasy type story.  This society had once been in contact with humans (or maybe just one human).  He may have come over the mountains on a hot air balloon.

They got a few things confused about humans.  For example, they had a painting of a tree and a diagram of a family tree (genealogy chart).  They called the genealogy chart a picture and the painting of the tree a family tree.  So everyone in this society had a very carefully tended “family tree” in their yard.  Unfortunately, I remember nothing about the actual plot.

337R: Children’s European Story Collection

Hello! I am looking for a storybook collection that I had in the 1980’s.

This book had a number of stories in it that seemed European based. I believe the first story was of a little boy whose mother made him green dungarees with a plane on them that he loved. He accidentally tore them on a fence and was very sad until his mother patched it with a star instead of a plane.
Another story was from Denmark about a boy whose father was a fisherman. The pictures in this one were monochromatic (rust colored.) The picture was of the boy standing close to the sea and possible the famous mermaid statue.
Another story was of a mother hedgehog. I believe it had a picture of a hedgehog in an egg cup.
I believe the back cover of the book was blue.
This book was read to me every night and it was my favorite. I would be so happy to finally find it again!

337E: Alaska/Arctic Circle, research, eating peanut butter is not enough protein

Book published 1980's - between 1980 & 1988 only, paperback fiction.  It's about research in the Arctic, scientist needed more food, running out, has a lot of peanut butter, but running out. Not the one about finding out what was eating caribou population, which was made into a movie, where protagonist eats mice to survive; similar but no.  Please help! Thank you!!!

337B: Dream Drawings

I’m looking for an illustrated book my grandma read to me in the late 80’s/ early 90’s. It is stories of a family where every night the parents ask the kids what they want to dream about, and while the kids are going to sleep the parents use their fingers to ‘draw’ the subject of the dream on the kids faces. Then they have the dream they asked for.   If I remember correctly it’s always a different animal the kids want to be in their dreams.


336Z: Deflated Teddy Bear

The book is about a child and I think his baby cousin comes to visit. The cousin gets peanut butter all over the snout of the child’s favorite stuffed bear.

The child’s grandparent comes to the rescue and cleans the bear. To do so, the stuffing has to be pulled out and there are adorable pictures of the deflated bear before it gets washed and while it is drying.
The story ends with the grandparent saying they would take the child and the bear out the next time the baby comes to visit. The book is probably from the 1980’s.

336U: Space Cruise In Nice Fit Body Goes Awry

There is a science fiction novel I read in the 1980's, and I think it was a new title in that decade, although I am not certain about that. It was the story of a fat guy who had saved for a luxury space cruise vacation and had rented a sexy, fit body to occupy for his trip. After boarding the cruise ship, he discovered the body he was given by accident was a special combat model, and people thought he was someone else. They were chasing him to interrogate and/or kill him, and he had to rely upon the combat reflexes of the rented body to keep him alive, while trying to figure out what was going on.

336K: Confused Woman Wants To Know Where Her Daylight Went

I am looking for a book. Here are the details I can remember:

1) The book is about about a woman who is desperately hurrying to bring sunshine/daylight into her house so that she can save it for later, she uses things like pans and jugs to trap the daylight and carries it into the house, but is then confused when she gets inside and there isn’t any light (her house may not have had windows).
2) It is a children’s book
3) I believe the main colors in the illustrations are yellow, brown and black
4) I read it as a child in the late 1980’s, but it was likely a hand-me-down book from my sister who was born in 1980

335Y: Girl Finds The Buried Bodies In The Backyard Of New House

Children's book--probably read in the mid-80's. Girl moves into a new house with her parents and triplet siblings. She is suspicious of the previous owner (deceased elderly woman) and investigates, eventually finding buried bodies in the backyard beside a fence. The book had a few sketch-like illustration of the sort a child would have drawn.