300H: Best Friends

The book is a juvenile chapter book from the ’70s or ’80s. Called something like _Best Friends_. It’s about a girl who loses her best friend to another girl. I remember that she eats Chinese food with a new friend at the friend’s restaurant. She also participates in a puppet show from Alice in Wonderland and she is the Red Queen. The former best friend comes crawling back after a fight with the new girl but she realizes that she likes having lots of friends vs. exclusive to one best friend.

299Q: Chased by geese trying to get gooseberries

Kids book from 1970s/1980s. Kids solve a mystery based on hidden clues they find – at their grandparents house maybe? I forget where the first clue was or how it started. The second clue (maybe?) is found in a loose stone of a stone fence. Then there’s something about kids being chased by geese trying to get gooseberries. The last clue is found tucked in an Indian Headdress socket where feather would fit in. Thank you! Been searching for years.

299D: An illustrated non-fiction book of dog breeds from the 70s or 80s

This was a perhaps slightly oversized paperback book with illustrations of different dog breeds.  I believe the cover had a green border. I’ve been been poking around online to see if I could find an old copy with no luck.  So far the closest thing I’ve found that’s similar are the illustrations from How Why Wonder Books Dogs Wild Animals Irving Robbin Martin Keen, 1962.

The illustrations were grouped in a certain way on the page, similar to these (but it wasn’t these books):


It’s not impossible that our paperback was a reprint of a 1960s book.  There were no photographs in the book, and very little (if any) information about the care of dogs.  It wasn’t very wordy.  We got it at a garage sale in Michigan in the 1980s.

298T: Family takes a trip in a loaded up station wagon

I’ve been looking for a picture book about a family that goes on a road trip (I think).  I remember the pictures being detailed, I think the family had a loaded up station wagon with many things tied to the roof.  They go to the beach, I think,  among other places.  I was born in 1974, , so it might be late 70’s, early 80’s?  The illustrations almost had a Where’s Waldo look to them, though NOT a find and search book.  I think there was a baby in the family, maybe three kids.  I remember winding roads and color illustrations.

298R: Late 1970/ early 1980s fairy tale book with 12 Dancing Princesses

I checked in the fairy tales page but didn’t find my book amongst the ones listed. I am looking for a child’s fairy tale book that was probably published in the late 1970s or early 80s and possibly in Canada as my parents lived in the Niagara Falls area and it may have been purchased in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The book was oversized and probably around 100 pages with a pale bluish cover and contained many tales including The Nightingale and I think the very last story was the 12 Dancing Princesses. It was heavily illustrated with beautiful colour illustrations that had a very “silky” look to clothing and hair of the characters. I’m pretty sure it was a generic title such as Fairy Tales or maybe World’s Best Fairy Tales  and it is NOT the Reader’s Digest book from that era. I think there may have been a prince and princess on the front cover and there was a round vignette illustration on the back of scenery I believe.  Any help would be appreciated!

298F: Three friends from boarding school grow up

I am trying to remember the title of a novel that was most likely written in the 1980s. I read it in in 7th grade (1992-93). It was about three girls who all became friends at a boarding school and follows them into adulthood. The main character was from a poor family and she received a scholarship to go to the boarding school. Her younger sister married a rock musician while still a teenager and went on to have a hard life. After boarding school the main character moved to New York and became a personal assistant and got married then divorced. One of the girls was named Allie and she was from a very rich family and never had to work. She slept with one of the other girl’s father and the husband of the main character. I don’t really remember much about the third girl. I can’t remember of the other characters names or any hint of the title. This has been driving me crazy!!

298E: An Easy Reader

I am hoping to find more information about an Easy Reader type book my teacher used when I was in the first grade, circa 1990.

The book was a series of red books, and the words were phonetic. I believe each book had multiple short stories. I remember one was about an African American boy who finds a Genie. The book definitely had a black boy and a genie, I may be conflating the two.

This cover looked familiar to me. The reader I am thinking of, may or may not be this one or have an image on the cover. I distinctly remember it was red.

I also remember the clothing of the illustrations within the book looked dated to me as a child, which I think means the book may have been published in the 70s or 80s originally.



297W: The Fastest Little Craft Afloat

I’m looking for a poem from the 1980s.  Here’s what I remember:

One day mommy brought me a treat

and I asked her if it was something to eat

or is it round and can I bounce it on the ground

No my dear she said to me

its neither and she let me see

and there inside the the wrappings lay

a sailboat for which to play

? – something about bringing it down to the pond

the fastest little craft afloat


Thank you!!

297T: Illustrated Children’s book with the theme ” You can choose”

Illustrated Children’s book with the theme ” You can choose”. We had this book in the late 1980s/ early 1990s. It was square with a yellow hardcover with a cartoonish girl/boy on it. Book was about 20 pages ( 10 layouts with different scenes where the boy and girl make different choices between colours and objects etc. ). Each scene ends with a phrase similar to ” You can chose”. Very repetitious. One scene has them in a classroom. Size of book 20cm x 20cm. I know it is not the following books “If I could choose” or “Which one would you choose”.