312T: Adventures at Grandma’s

This book was published between 1980 and 1985 and has beautiful illustrations.The girl visits her grandma or aunt and looks in her attic at a phonograph and old stuff. She chases a frog through the rain and puddles with a neighbor boy she befriends. Also, I think she goes sledding or ice skating, and then takes a warm bath. So I guess she’s staying with her grandma for a long time – maybe a year. You see her experiences through the seasons.


312I: Missing Man

I’m looking for a fantasy book I read in the 80’s or 90’s. I believe the author was a woman. The story was about a man that is pulled into a fantasy world by a broken down cripple, to impersonate a guy that disappeared. There’s a stone that’s embedded into his skin, with memories. He has to convince an old wizard, and a beautiful woman. He also has to confront a bad guy. In the end, it’s revealed that the broken down guy is the missing guy, and that he was corrupted and broken by the evil guy.

312E: A Boy Living In A Village

I read this book sometime in the 80-84 time frame, possibly slightly earlier and no later than 1985.
I only recall that a boy was living in a village and he was training at various occupations – mining chalk (?) possibly from some chalk downs, studying astronomy and such things.
He at some point runs away or gets away and falls into some sort of underground crypt where he encounters the remains of some warrior lying there with a green stone axe on its chest.
He takes the axe….and that’s the last I remember.

312C: Missing Pearls

Children search for missing (pearls?) from necklace on beach to save mermaids. I would have read this in the early 70s to 80s, and it very likely could have been a 2nd hand book. Some children are searching on a beach for the missing (I think pearls) from a necklace. The necklace needs to be complete to save (possibly) mermaids from something. I remember rockpools being involved. This has been bugging me for years, and I’d be so grateful if someone could solve it for me.


Novel about hillbilly-type farm family talked into turning farm into guest farm. Grandpa has apparent narcolepsy and ends up passes out anywhere and everywhere. A visiting couple finds watching cows being butchered erotic. I remember describing wallpaper of old magazines and newspapers because so poor. Read around late 1980s to mid 1990s?

311V:Prominent Tubular

Pre 1970, fairly large format, color illustrated (vintage style) children’s book of fairy tales/nursery rhymes contains a story with an old woman baking a cake for a young male. Cake has prominent tubular peaks covering the surface. I think the illustration was on a left-hand page.

311H: Murder Mystery By The Apple Tree

 A young adult novel with an early-teen female protagonist. Some sort of a murder, perhaps an elderly neighbor. I vaguely recall a police sketch of the killer (a man with glasses). The killer turns out to be a member of the family (or close acquaintance), and I vaguely recall lots of people milling around during the final scene while the young girl frantically tries to identify the killer from amongst the guests (like lots of people visiting for a festivity, possibly even the wake). She finally identifies him and ends up scaling a crab in the apple  tree to get away before he is finally stopped. It’s possible she witnessed the murder from this same tree.